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What Is Arbidex?

Arbidex is the first trading platform that will truly unite all the world’s crypto assets from different exchanges in one window. Just imagine, that by creating one single account you will get an opportunity to carry out transactions with all kinds of crypto assets from different exchanges; The best exchange rate will be found automatically and the total commission fee will be lower than any of those that exist at the moment. Detecting Profitable Rates Algorithm (DPRA) will allow you to frequently buy and sell different assets and benefit from the difference in their price.
Arbitrage is a very old strategy that has been used since very ancient times by the traders around the globe. Developers of the Arbidex has made use of this useful and tested strategy while designing Arbidex platform. Arbidex is the new trading platform in the town that allows the traders to trade with more than 25 international exchanges at one time. 
The single window (screen) shows you all the essential information and details (market prices of crypto assets on different exchanges, bids, tasks, on-going scenarios) and traders are free to make their trading decisions instantly. A new algorithm has made our vision possible to turn the tables and has allowed us to bring this phenomenal platform in the main market. 
The Detecting Profitable Rates Algorithm (DPRA) indicates the prices difference of different virtual currencies in different internal exchanges and allows the traders to buy and sell them simultaneously to benefit from the price different of crypto currencies. Working or operational strategy of Arbidex can be explained as a very old trading strategy as the traders can get benefit from the difference in market prices of same item in different exchanges. It is a constant and very useful trading option to generate maximum revenue while using your options wisely and in an efficient way (
Provides lower Commission rates for professional traders with a high level of service and maintenance of trading operations.
The opportunity to earn on the implementation of arbitral awards without any investment with the use of technical solutions integrated in the platform.
Also in the long term, simplify the integration of cryptanalysis in the community and to make the market more accessible to institutional investors.
  1. Access functions of the platform with premium
  2. Trade in the single window mode on 25 blogs
  3. Integration with the MetaTrader 4
  4. Manual and cryptocurrency cryptocurrency arbitrage
  5. Currency exchange at the best rate in the market
  6. Creating a full-fledged stock exchange
  7. The placement of new tokens

Arbidex is a platform with the consolidated data for all exchanges, which provides for easier trade in single window mode: on the website there is a widget which in real time shows where you can buy bitcoin cheaper and sell more.

Arbidex will be the first trading platform which is going to merge all assets from different cryptocurrency exchanges in one place. That is, on one account you will be able to carry out operations with assets from different exchanges, having already default better exchange rate and the total commission is less than any of those that exist at the moment. The algorithm for determining cost-effective rates (DPR) will allow you to frequently buy and sell various assets to benefit from difference in their price.
The tokens give the right to owners to have access to the core functionality of the platform with a specific deposit amount. Deposit amount allowed is proportional to the retention amount of the token. If you have no tokens on this platform, the deposit is allowed in an amount not less than $ 1000. The token provides access to the arbitration function. Unlike passive income from trading assets automatically, this means that the user decides to follow the arbitration chain with their personal not having the means to make a profit.

What Is Arbidex ICO Information ?

Exchange ratio under the ICO : 1 ABX= 1 USD
Airdex Token Symbol : ABX
Arbidex ICO Date :
* Pre-ICO: 11 – 25 December ( End )
* ICO: 11January  - 28 February 2018
Blockchain : Ethereum
Cap: 10,000,000 USD


  1. Token hold = lower fees
  2. Increase arbitrage deposit
  3. Voting on new tokens listing
  4. Paying listing fees in ABX is cheaper

Arbidex Our Analysis & Rating  About

Short-term growth potential: high
Long-term growth potential: high
Investment risk: medium

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