I want to talk to you about investing. Incidentally investment activity is almost always associated with risk. And newcomers to this business and experienced traders make mistakes and lose their savings. Some lack experience, some attention, and some board of comrades. We recommend that you have a tool at your fingertips that allows you to receive trade advice, see trading strategies from experienced traders, or let your deposit be transferred to trust by a successful merchant without risking loss of funds. And all this is possible thanks to the Coinvest project.

Coinvest is an open technology platform that aims to create a decentralized tool for consumers that allows them to continue operating, safely and reliably in crypto currency. In addition, Coinvest will ask everyone to create their own investment cart for a portfolio of private sector crypto assets.

Coinvest Project is a decentralized platform for investment. This means anyone can come to the platform, register, open an account and trade using all the advantages of the Coinvest platform. Users will be able to exchange trading ideas on platforms, copy traded traders' trademark strategies, receive suggestions and criticisms about their actions.

We connect investors and traders to profit because of the growth of the crypto currency market. The Company earns a commission and invests some of it into capitalization. "Coinvest earns a commission from an investor's profit: it benefits us when you get it.

 VRIO Analysis

VRIO analysis gives a crisp and tight snapshot of the odds of success of a project.

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I’ll be analyzing whether Coinvest genuinely adds value to the overall state of cryptos and whether its value-addition is sustainable and maintainable.
C. Imitation:

Imitation is a major threat to any new project and it’s important to analyze whether a project’s key aspects can easily be reproduced by copy-cats.
Copy-cat projects are a hazard to the innovative drive of the blockchain community. But Coinvest is aiming for a project that requires a combined excellence in grasp of financial operations and technology.
The degree of skill required to build such a project is not commonplace. The few teams in the blockchain community that can even pursue such a project are already dedicated to their tasks.
Moreover, it takes time to develop such a project and Coinvest is already in a late stage of its product launch. Given that no competitor has surfaced yet, Coinvest will soon be an established platform in the market and any copy-cat would be unsuccessful.

What are the main ways of additional earnings in the project?

  • receiving awards for the transactions: the developers of the Coinvestplatform have created a program to encourage active users in the platform. They will be able to accumulate various amounts, performing as often as possible transactions from their account. This program is quite similar to traditional loyalty programs. Having completed ten transactions, the project participant will be able to receive bonus COIN to his account, in the amount that equals one transaction performed;
  • profitability from committed transactions: as with traditional transactions, users can profit from a successful transaction;
  • confirmation of the value of COIN tokens: absolutely all users will have the opportunity to profit from demand for the internal currency of the platform;
  • index fund management: inside the Coinvest platform , all users will have the opportunity to independently create and manage currency funds. Other project participants will also be able to invest money in these funds, thereby making a profit without having to constantly explore the crypto currency market. In this case, the creator gets half of the commission from the investment.


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