Without getting into deep details about their real asset value and their prospects to become widely accepted as means of exchange, let’s focus on the fact, that currently trade in cryptocurrencies is a technically complex process involving risks. 

First of all, there are many cryptocurrencies on the market each of which is manipulated via its own wallet application and set of keys. It adds to the existing problem related to the safe-keeping of private keys. They cannot be stored in the cloud or at any third-party server because the exposure of private keys to the Internet immediately puts the owner’s possessions at risk. 

So they can only be stored on the owner’s hardware and this hardware, in turn, can be damaged or stolen, in which case, all the crypto-savings evaporate as well. In addition, the exchanges are also subject to risk, there were multiple precedents when the crypto exchanges were hacked, and the significant amounts of funds were stolen. These and other problems are magnified for the people who try to maintain a portfolio of different cryptocurrencies.

Description and Purpose

Coinvest intends to create a future where users will have one platform, one wallet, and one token (COIN), which enables one to create a digital investment portfolio to invest in multiple cryptoes. This will significantly reduce the costs, risks, and complexities associated with crypto investments in centralized exchanges or investment funds. 

The more frequent third-party centralization in the case of traditional investment use is replaced by smart contracts that will act as autonomous agents and programatically compensate all users, investors and owners in the entire Coinvest ecosystem.

Investor Benefits:

The token owner has a significant commission deduction, the more evidence in the investor wallet, the less commission for the transaction.
Use Coin marker to subscribe to platform services.
To test the demo, you need to save some tokens in your wallet.
In the absence of investors who need to use platform services, Coinvest tokens can be sold on the stock exchange.
  • Trade Prizes, Accumulated COIN awards with every trade on Coinvest platform.
  • Super Trader, Take advantage of trading your virtual investment portfolio.
  • Fund Management Index Collect 50% of the cost of trading costs from users who invest in your private index funds.
  • Appreciation Value, Platform Implementation, transaction volume, and repayment increase the value of COIN.
All traders on the platform will have their portfolios, which will be filled out as they operate on the Coinvest platform. Thus, traders will be interested in successful trading, as this will determine their rank on the platform and how often they will manage someone else's account. All information about the trader, his portfolio and all of his transactions will be displayed in the locker forever.

The Coinvest platform records all operations to blockchain, which means they are reliable and open, and can not be forged. Thus, any trader or fund working through the platform is interested in earning income for himself and his clients.

Market Investigation

All platform ality functions can not be used without market availability for merchants and funds. In the market, an investor may choose a person or organization that will be responsible for managing its assets. For convenience Selecting the right manager, the investor can specify the parameters in which the selection will be performed: profitability for different time periods, maximum deposit withdrawal size, amount in management, etc.

Thus, investors can choose one or more managers as assets and transfer access to transactions. All current information about constant mode work is available in the investor's personal profile. On the other hand, transferring funds to trust management, the platform implements its own cryptoportfolios manufacturing function and markets the publicity, what analog trading transaction. allowances and traders to improve the efficiency and addition of their work.


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