Crypto currency as an emerging asset class in the asset management industry, has long thought that alternative investment is an essential component of asset management strategies. . Because these assets have lower price correlations and return to conventional asset classes such as equities and bonds, they can diversify their investment assets. For example traditional alternative investments include commodities, private equity, hedge funds, real estate, and artwork.

Bitcoin emerged in 2009, a new asset class Cryptocurrency Built with blockchain technology, and this digital currency offers the promise to recreate the true economy, the nature of their decentralization, have better security, and faster processing is a major overhaul of the traditional financial system . The perceived investment potential has led to the rapid growth of the digital cryptocurrency market. In June 2017, there were more than 700 trading crypto currencies worldwide, with a combined market capitalization of over US $ 100 billion.

To be fair, the market size of cryptocurrency is still very small compared to traditional asset classes, which are measured in trillions. However, its potential can not be ignored, because the application and future benefits of crypto become booming and then explode.

Coinvest will become democratic access Democratization

Oh very unfortunate, why did I say that? because the opportunities in this investment are largely limited to the wealth of individuals and sophisticated investors.
Ironically, this is contrary to the ideals of blockchain as a force of decentralization and democratization. For ordinary investors who want to invest in the field of crypto, they face problems such as complexity, fragmentation, quality.

Sales Crowd / Distribution Token

60M Total Token
Token Name: COIN
Token Value: 1 ETH = 300 COIN
Presale Cap 1.2M
50% Presale Bonus (WOW)
Rating 4/5 (Total at the higher end but still acceptable and see good rate of return)
Overall Rating: 4.25 / 5 (Subscribe to PreoO and get bonus) Good for HODL long term and also for short term gain list.


This team involves some of the most experienced professionals and industry advisors. Counselors include
Tony Scott: Formerly CIO US Government, VMWare, Microsoft, and Disney
Pete Cashmore: Founder and CEO of Mashable
The team is led by Damon Nam and below him includes the entire team with their roles
Damon Nam: Founder and Executive Director
Byron Levels: Director of Technology
Taylor Rieckens: Director of Business Development
Ramiro Galan: Creative Director
Umar Irshad: Director of User Experience and Interface
Kevin Huynh: Director of Analytics and Operations
Mark Ayad: Director of Finance
Kim Huynh: Marketing Director
Ben Tossell: Community Director
Dexaran Derat: Blockchain Technique
Robert Forster: Blockchain Technique
Alexander Kravchenko: Technique
Elena Chizhova: Engineering
Dmitriy Golovchenko: Engineering
Rating 4.5 / 5 (excellent team)


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