Talking about small and medium enterprises, it is known that until now there are already many business sectors with minimum capital successfully executed by the perpetrators of their business, it is certainly because of persistence and struggle that continues to be done by the perpetrators of his business to reach that point. Yes, the success of a business can indeed be said not depending on what business is run, but how do business actors run the business sector.

Business has become a popular thing lately. But often to run a business collided with a lot of capital. SMEs or Small Medium Enterprises also be a solution for those who do not have a lot of capital. Not even a few SMEs in Indonesia that finally succeed and succeed in the market.

Debitum Network (DEB) - a project aimed at creating a platform for microfinance for small and medium enterprises. From the beginning he showed his character as a winner. On 31 October 2017, he defeated 120 competitors in the ICO Pitch competition at a decentralized international conference in Gibraltar.

Network Debitum Winning Gambling & Audience ICO Pitch

On the thirty-first of October Gregorian, the project succeeded in defeating one hundred and twenty different candidates in the highly respected ICO Pitch Competition in colony d10e, the leading international conference in decentralization. Debitum won every jury and audience award, this time continuing in the event's history.

The project was chosen not only by the jury members. He also got the audience sympathy prize, becoming the first in the history of start up crypto currency, which he thinks the jury's opinion matches the audience's choice.

History of development and team Debitum

The domain of the official project site ( was registered on June 21, 2017 by Eustace Saltinis. According to the Alexa service, the main traffic for it comes from Japan.
The authors refer to their children as a global platform to fund business projects based on the possibilities and advantages of blocking technology. The platform is intended to combine creditors (investors), borrowers, experts in risk assessment, document verification, insurance companies, etc.

The Debitum Network can be a distributed system consisting of various stakeholders in the method of financing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) - borrowers, risk assessors, insurance companies, investors, debt collectors and other opponents - the World Health Organization all use token Debitum as it can only performed indicates that the payment between them transacts at the Debitum Network interval.

Debitum multifold token utility. we have analyzed many appropriate token models, apply these findings to the use of the Debitum Network and thereby design the Debitum token to perform 2 key roles at system intervals.
The role of value exchange to build and maintain the economy Debitum Network: Debit Tokens will be employed by borrowers and investors to shop for services on a system with the power to deliver selling points for services that do not match the amount and quality of service received. . Debit Token can allow all users of the system to get value and pay it on valuable services with highly measurable methods.

The toll role forces counterparty 'to have skin-in-the-game: Token Debitum is used as collateral to guarantee delivery of counterparty services. Token will also use a good Trust Arbitrage contract that can show the trust level of each network partner between systems. This fashion tokens can guarantee and guarantee the quality of Debitum network.


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