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IPSX is a Platform that focuses on providing and developing Exchange service to share IP and framework, which uses Blockchain technology as the basis of its development. IPSX provides IP and frame Exchange service that users can use to exchange information and framework easier, safer and smarter. IPSX provides access to IP and frame Exchange services to the wider community with better functionality, more profitable and more intelligent.

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IPSX is developed by using a system of integrated and direct resources that support the creation of a better ecosystem for data exchange. IPSX using Blockchain technology as the Foundation of the Platform, using technology then IPSX will bring a better IP and Frame Exchange service to the broader community around the world. IPSX using protocols that users can use to build or develop an application that requires access to the IP. 
Users can instantly install applications and shared IP or IP patch, which in the end users will get incentives from the activity. IPSX also have the opportunity that is associated with a database of unused IPs, they can rent the IP in IPSX Service. IPSX using P2P-based network, which will be very safe for the user to perform a transaction or exchange of IP data. IPSX runs using the system decentralized, that will be very transparent and flexible for the user. 
IPSX Ethereum system in line to pay, allowing the users to Transact quickly and safely. IPSX run automatically, which will provide the user with the IP and Service Exchange framework for safe and transparent.IPSX directly will integrate a user or platform, which will make the system running efficiently. 
Any transaction or agreement made by the users will be guaranteed by using smart contracts system and using token called IPSX token. Token running systemusing ERC 20 and can be used by users to conduct transactions or trading on the Exchange. IPSX aims to create IP and frame Exchange service, safe and more profitable for the user.

How IPSX work

Actually, IPSX has a principle of operation is very easy. First you can install your application and share the IP devices on an IP platform sharing within a short time, or renting your current IP from IPSX platform. As a data center, you can also share all unused IPs on IPSX platform.

IPSX ecosystems especially configured in 3 layers. IE:

  • Block network layer,
  • The front layers
  • VPN connection and layer.

IPSX product features

  • Not Center
Automated systems and decentralization on the basis of chain-block, IP-based bidder and the price and distribution of student-based really clean up the money.
  • Privacy and security
By enhancing privacy and security, you can connect to a real-time IPs from all over the world, passing through the sensor or other embargo, in just 5 seconds per month.
  • Economy built
To guarantee an IP address of device or secure token IPSX FIAT swapped safely, you can share all the unused IP as data centers. In this way, all your connections will be stored safely in a chain of blocks.
  • Advanced integration
SDK and API integration: the applicant as a VPN, you can include System SDK that you use to enable your members to vote millions of IPs from all over the world.

The Challenge
There are about 3.5 Bln Internet users and 8.4 Bln IoT devices connected to internet according to Gartner. What all of them have in common above other things, are: – high speed CPUs – memory Chips – internet Protocol Addresses called IPs. There is a huge need of remote IP usage which results in a market of over 60 Bln USD with a 16% yearly growth rate. Remote IP usage is popular among end user consumers to: – improve privacy and security – access geo-blocked services / media – bypass national and corporate restrictions. Main problems of TOR and other similar projects are: -liabilities – you might have a problem when sharing your IP -no revenue/ no economy behind the IP sharing/ IP renting processes, which generates the next problem -bandwidth and Speed Quality -not usable for business and service providers.
Blockchain based system fully automated, with full clearing of utility tokens associating the price and distribution, based on offer and demand for IPs. First level: You will be able to share your device’s IP address or as a Data Center to share a full range of unused IPs in order to win real-time IPSX tokens in a safe way. (All connections will be logged in the blockchain). 
As a client you would be able to access, in real time, IPs from all around the world and use them for short period of times, as of 5 seconds up to a whole month. Second level:
The team will create a framework and a marketplace and allow any business and service providers to build custom made applications that require large volume of IPs based on our SDK and APIs. As a VPN provider, you would be able to integrate your system with our SDK to let your clients choose from millions of IPs from all around the world.
IPSX as an ecosystem
The IPSX business model and use cases will fully benefit from all the advantages of the relatively new technological advances. The market for IP Sharing can now be organized to an entirely new system and principles, and moving from centralized and hard solutions to rent/share IPs to a fully decentralized and fully automated system of renting/sharing IPs. 
At the moment, the IP sharing market is only accessible to a few large players that understand it and its needs, and that also have the technical solutions to rent/share IPs. With the advancement of the blockchain technology, everyone can take part into a multibillion yearly business and provide their support to a decentralized economy and generate revenue in a safe and easy environment.

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