IPSX ICO (Review)


In line with the development of technology, the concept of digital money has entered our daily lives very quickly and began to affect our lives from the financial world to the art world, from investment tools to vacation plans.

Along with the digital currency, IPSX will be the framework and market for new applications that require IP in areas such as data mining software, vpn providers, internet browsing robots, micro tasks. For more details, please visit https://ip.sx/

IP exchange is a telecommunication interconnection model for IP-based Internet traffic exchange between different cellular and stable cellular subscribers, as well as for other service provider class exchanges, such as ISPs, with IP-based Network interfaces.

IPSX intent here is not to revolutionize the internet or enter the internet. It aims to offer alternative options to service providers only.

The main objectives of IPSX are: to demonstrate the interoperability of IP-based services across all groups of service providers, and to ensure that all parties receive commercially advantageous benefits.
In this context, commercial relationships are supported by service level agreements that ensure high performance, superior quality and maximum security.

IPSX is a truly centralized IP Share market to create a global market for IP. IPs on the IPSX share platform have been combined with flexible tools (SDK and API) to help entrepreneurs and developers develop new applications in a secure and transparent environment.

IP is required for industry pioneers in the mining process to do their work.

To significantly lower IP prices and to address IP accessibility issues, IPSX aims to be a crucial framework for all required areas, the ecosystem.

IPSX also allows for low-volume IP and more complex applications required in all areas, including data mining, more accessible to everyone.

Product IPSX

The centralized system is fully automated and decentralized on a block-based basis, IP-based offerings and student-based pricing and distribution completely clears the specified money.

Privacy and Security

With enhanced privacy and security, you can connect to real-time IPs from around the world, bypassing censorship or other restrictions, in just 5 seconds for a month.

You can share all unused IPs as a DataCenter to obtain IP addresses of Internal Economic Devices or FIOL real-time IPSX tokens accessible correctly.

In this way, all your connections will be safely stored in blockchain.

Advanced Integration

SDK and API integration: As a VPN applicant, you can include the system SDK you use to allow your members to select millions of IPs worldwide.

Token Sale

IPSX Token Sale Hard Facts:

  • IPSX Total Marketcap: ~ 10 Million USD
  • IPSX Tokens Amount total: 1.800.000.000 IPSX
  • IPSX Token up for sale: 900.000.000 IPSX / 10,800 ETH
  • IPSX Token sold at the pre-sale: ~600.000.000 IPSX /6500 ETH
  • IPSX Token available for the public crowdsale: ~300.000.000 IPSX / 4300 ETH
  • IPSX Token price:
    - 1 ETH = 70588.24 IPSX
    - 1 IPSX= 0.000014167 ETH
    - 1 IPXS = 0.015 $
As you can see, about 50 percent of the total token amount is up for sale. 60% of the circulating token supply was already sold in a pre-sale round, leaving 40% or a total of 4300 ETH up for the public sale. One ETH will purchase a total of 70588.24 IPSX, pricing them at a mere 0.015$.

Date of the Token Sale

The token sale is expected to start on February 28th, 2018. Currently the whitelist isn’t open yet, however it will be opened within the next days. ISPX will announce the opening of the whitelist through all their media outlets, which are also open for everyone to follow.

Lock up period of your funds

As we all know (and hate), a lot of ICOs currently take up to 3 months (*cough* ArcBlock) to distribute their tokens to the contributors and enable moving them, allowing the first people to trade their tokens over platforms like EtherDelta, before having to wait another unknown period of time until the tokens finally hit a worthy exchange. 
IPXS however plans to release the tokens as early as one week(!) after the Token Sale started, which is a quite ambitious goal. With a the mere amount of 4300 available ETH for the crowdsale however, the goal seems more realistic than not.

Token Distribution — Where all the IPXS go

The Token distribution for the venture looks as follows: 50% are up for sale, being purchasable through the private or public sale held on different times, the later opening on February 28th. 20% will be distributed among the team members and advisors, being locked for up to 36 months, while 1/12 being partly released each quarter. 28% are reserved for early investors and incentives while the remaining 2% are up for bounty campaigns.

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Author By Bangkecol
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