Node Intelligent technology for wireless energy (Review)


Nodes can be a revolutionary start-up, which disrupts the wireless device market's niche market for any non-public and industrial use. Our innovative developments, analytical activities in the field of electrical storage and transmission, allow America to find solutions that match the quality and efficiency of use. As wireless transfer technology increases in client physics, industry and the medical industry are shifting focus to this technology and its inherent advantages. 

As the communication interface has become more and more wireless with technologies such as local area network and Bluetooth, wireless power transfer has become the relevant choice. Altogether new approaches are often made so that it is not only a clear technical blessing, but also open up the potential to hit a brand new industrial style. 

This technology generates new ideas - especially in Indonesia industrial sectors that combat strong environmental conditions, aggressive cleaning agents, severe state and mechanical pressure changes (eg ATEX, drugs, construction machinery). For example, valuable and easily damaged slip rings or contacts are often replaced. Other fields This app is with transformers, which must meet special needs, such as reinforced or double layered insulation.

By 2017, Nodes are completed to implement the project's thinking, register intellectual property rights, and attract key specialists in the field of wireless energy transmission, to request half in merchandise development. 

Currently, it offers a wide range of technical solutions markets in the field of wireless energy transmission - from shopper physics to industrial merchandise The process of making merchandise vaccination technology originating from Node, has passed the experimental study stage for the manufacture and final testing of model devices. The ITO (Initial Token Offering) project provided by Node may be a fundraising operation directed at continuous technology exploitation and production of tools.

Nodes may be a sophisticated revolutionary start, which disrupts the wireless device market's niche market for any non-public and industrial use. Our innovative developments, analytical activities in the field of electrical storage and transmission, enable the U.S. to supply solutions that are given area units of the highest quality and efficiency of use.

Our area unit is in the final stages of symbol device testing. And there are two completely different unit schemes that our scientists have explored and improved:

In an association-level coil or electrical device, which has a metal or air core, the energy is transferred by a magnetic affiliate that is conveniently referred to as magnetic induction. At the expense of this technique, the transmission and reception of energy becomes possible at a considerable distance, but to gain great stress during this approach, it is absolutely necessary to rearrange the 2 coils very closely to each other.
A magnetic / capacitive resonance clutch is used, where each unit of the inductor area is tuned to a common frequency, so that large amounts of energy are transmitted over a considerable distance.

The core of the promising technology of the Node is that the imposition of many magnetic waves in various impulses of different lengths and frequencies to each different, as these waves feel the source of special ferroelectric material decreases magnetic lenses from structured metamateria.

Achievements and technological innovations as well as the growing demand for strong air power to change the car, housing, and development behavior of electricity, mobile phones, books, plates and other electronic goods. Due to the invention of unwanted sales technology, the use of various technologies is very simple and at the same time most effective.

The introduction of non-electric generating products improves life's life, reduces energy requirements and uses waste. Although non-taxable television sets are not designed for environmental protection purposes, this is a real solution to this problem and contribute to environmental health. Their weaknesses on the products and the community outside can be the result of a clean cover.

Revenue from wireless energy transmission products is estimated at $ 2.43 billion, mostly sales in the electronics sector

It is expected that by 2022 the wireless transmission device market will grow to 11.27 billion USD, an increase of 23.15% between 2017 and 2022. In addition, with the help of innovation and innovation in various areas of the industry, it is possible to achieve projected pro t industry in 2024 at a price of 12.43 billion USD.


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