What is Nodepower?

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A node is a great advanced activation that disrupts the business market of Wi-Fi sender gadgets for any personal and skilled use. Our spectacular improvements, in-house analysis of space for storing and dispatching power, allow the United States to provide an alternative area unit that is recognized for its high quality and efficient use.

By 2017, the Node mark is created keeping in mind the purpose of the tip to execute possible tasks, recruit protected rights of the innovation, and attract the master's entrance in the field of wireless vitality transmissions, with a particular final goal to take part in the development of things. 

Currently, it offers the market a diverse range of technical settings in the field of wireless vitality transmissions - from shopper hardware to fashionable goods. The way to create something that utilizes the technology that Node started has passed part of explorative investigation to the creation and last effective testing of the Node Preferences technology model gadget.

In 2017, the Node brand was created to implement project ideas, register intellectual property rights, and attract major specialists in the field of wireless energy transmission, to participate in product development. Currently, it offers a number of technical solutions in the field of wireless energy transmission - from electronic goods to industrial products.

The product-making process using technology derived from Node has passed the experimental study stage until the successful manufacture and testing of successful prototype devices. The Initial Token Offering (ITO) Offering Project, presented by Node, is a fundraising operation devoted to the continued commercialization of technology and device production.


The core of the promising technology of the Node is that the imposition of many magnetic force waves in the type of impulses of varying lengths and frequencies to each alternative, once these waves pass through the special ferroelectric material and magnetic force lenses from structured metamaterials. .

We measure the squares in the final stages of paradigm device testing. And there are two entirely different sizes of squared sizes our scientists explored and improved:

  • In coils or electrical devices, which have metal or air cores, energy is transferred by magnetic force associations that are easily referred to as magnetic induction. The victim of this technique, the transmission and acceptance of energy becomes possible at a considerable distance, but to gain great stress during this method, it is absolutely necessary to rearrange the 2 coils very closely to each other.
  • Magnetic / capacitive resonance coupling is used, where each inductor measures the square is tuned to a common frequency, so a large amount of energy is transmitted over a considerable distance.
By making, with the help of the short-nanosecond impulse of many magnetic magnetic waves, the conditions under which that atoms of matter entering the association level will eagerly transfer energy through the media completely. 

The upper density of the medium, the top of the energy transfer constant. Energy transformation occurs by making the conditions under free electrons (excited) (semiconductor, metal) getting an extra boost and starting to maneuver under electric field action. 


10.2012 - 05.2016
The instigators of the project and the search for the field of semiconductors and ceramic materials and their interaction with impulsive magnetic fields with high magnetic fields.

Based on the results obtained, a decision was made to commercialize the technology

06.2016 - 06.2017
Development of schemes and technology solutions, component selection

Final successful testing of multiple prototype devices

05.2017 - 06.2017
Design concepts developed, materials and technologies for the manufacture of samples batches are selected

Registration of Node as a legal entity

06.2017 - 09.2017
Financing negotiations and preparation for ITO

10.2017 - 11.2017
Creation of corporate website and marketing materials

12.2017 - 01.2018
Pre-ITO period

12.2017 - 03.2018
Patent registration, product certification, starting from commercial lot production

01.2018 - 03.2018
ITO Period

Introduction of NODE tokens to trade exchanges

03.2018 - 06.2018
Launched Alpha production

05.2018 - 10.2018
Launch Eon production

07.2018 - 05.2019
Launched the production of Wireless Power Station

The Future of Wireless


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