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1. Do I get confirmation from my subscription?
- If you successfully joined Telegram group and filled the form correctly, you are fine.
2. Can I participate more than 1 time?
- No you can't. We will delete duplicates.
3. How many tokens will I  receive?
- 20 000 tokens will be divided into the amount of participants equally.
4. When will the tokens be distributed?
- After the ICO, 2-4 weeks.
5. What address do I need to give?
- Please give an Ethereum address that you have controls of the private key.

JOIN TO THE TELEGRAM CHANNEL: https://t.me/betex_ico

Peer-to-peer binary options platform

Betex is a leading-edge platform for P2P financial derivatives trading. It enables users to place bets on future changes against each other.

As a platform provider, we cannot engage in betting. Thus, there is no way for us to benefit from it. We only profit from collecting service fees.


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