Bitrust - Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform Full Explanation


The digital currency advertise has encountered tremendous instability since the beginning of 2018, after a quick development throughout the previous year. The ten driving advanced monetary forms confronted critical downturn amid this January, recording twofold digit drops in cost. 
Given these economic situations, it was simply a question of time until the point that somebody outlined an administration like BITRUST to support the dangers looked by digital money financial specialists. 

What is Bitrust  

Bitrust is a reasonable, decentralized, simple to utilize peer-2-peer digital money protection stage in view of Ethereum blockchain utilizing shrewd contract innovation. Our group objective is to give the blockchain group an entrance to a basic and simple to-utilize chance administration arrangement. The stage will give a chance to ensure cryptographic money and altogether alleviate dangers related with high instability on the advanced cash advertise. 

Why we need Bitrust 

A year ago right around 200 new coins was conceived, the vast majority of them scarcely have no esteem or have diminished essentially. With BITRUST you will have an opportunity to hedge risks associated with investment in cryptocurrencies.

What Bitrust can do  

This is unquestionably not the end for the crypto advertise. A long way from it. In spite of the time of awful news and the drop in bitcoin strength, we do see positive patterns in the market for a few altcoins and the quantity of blockchain-based organizations is developing every day to help the innovation esteem. So we should take in our lesson and begin one more day – in a more secure manner. 
BITRUST is an online commercial center right now being produced by BTF Project Limited, a UK-joined organization, and is relied upon to be operational by January 2019. The stage will be the focal stage, where a safety net provider meets a merchant willing to guarantee a specific digital money position: i.e. to drop or raise against another cryptographic money. 
Envision — a reasonable, decentralized, simple to utilize, distributed digital money stage with a straightforward programmed execution in light of Ethereum blockchain-utilizing brilliant contract innovation. With BITRUST, everybody will have the capacity to go into a protection contract on the concurred terms with an ensured execution as per their terms. 
For the present, we can just think about how the dangers of cryptographic money brokers may have been exceptional redistributed amid the turmoil of January if Bitrust were at that point dynamic!

How exactly Bitrust work in simple explanation 

Satoshi wants to invest in Bitcoin, but he’s afraid that the after he will acquire it, the price will go down and he will loose his hard-earned money. Satoshi thinks: «If only I could insure my investment...» Nakamoto on the other hand is very confident that the price of Bitcon will increase further over time. Nakamoto would be more than happy to provide insurance to Satoshi and get paid for it... but how? Bitrust is a matchmaking platform for people like Satoshi and Nakamoto, which enables simple & secure risk management solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Main features

  1. Decentralized : The foundation of BITRUST cryptocurrency insurance platform is a decentralised exchange and transaction clearing system which eliminates possible fraud and single-point-of-failure risks and prevents the system from external regulation.
  2. Anonymous : BITRUST does not ask you for any personal data because we believe that your opportunity to manage your own assets and trade should not be affected by who you are.
  3. Intuitive and easy to use UI : The user interface of BITRUST cryptocurrency insurance platform is one of the simplest and user-friendly you've ever seen in the cryptoworld. It was our priority from the start to make our product as easy and as intuitive as possible for our users. We are inspired by the best mobile banking applications and services, so that you feel familiar working with BITRUST platform.
  4. Top notch security : The smart contract technology based on Ethereum blockchain, which is the foundation of BITRUST cryptocurrency insurance platform, ensures that all your data will be secured and nobody will be able to cheat and take over your assets.

How to Join Bitrust crowdsale

Go to Bitrust crowdsale page here, register using your email. After you confirm the registration by clicking confirmation link at your email you can login right away. At dashboard you can see funding method, you can use ETH BTC or LTC to fund your account. Make sure you copy the right address and voila your account allready have fund in it and you can buy BTF with it.

Why we need to join Bitrust crowdsale 

  1. The first risk mitigation platform of its kind
  2. It is secure
  3. It is easy to scale
  4. It has realistic market penetration strategy
  5. It will improve attractiveness of the cryptocurrency market
  6. Tokens provide clear utility and will grow in value

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