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In this progressive era many developments such as hotel buildings, apartments, schools, homes and much more not far from the building contractors. However, many contractors today have many problem issues that could disappoint the contractor tenants.

The issues include fraudulent information provided by reviewing fraud, hidden costs due to advertising costs, and inflated prices due to the lack of open prices. Problems arise in decision making and it causes wasted money.

So that there is a loss to the contractor's tenants from the development results that are not in accordance with the previously proposed price. From the various problems between tenants and contractors there is now a solution to the benefit of mitigating the problem. 

Repair Bobs is the ultimate solution, with tenant contractors Bobs repair the contractor tenants will no longer worry about fraud issues, because Bobs Repair will bring reasonable trust and price back to consumers by launching a decentralized market built with blockchain technology that connects contractors directly with consumers.

In 2013, the founders of Bob's Repair, Frideric and Alexandre Prandecki, Prandecki's brother, formed a company that directly connects consumers with contractors through STWP. The Prandecki brothers developed STWP to provide lower cost and more reliable alternatives to other contractor service companies out there, such as Angie's List and HomeAdvisor.

For three years, STWP has grown significantly. Prandecki's brother generated over $ 1,000,000 USD in revenues and facilitated over 50,000 call services. STWP grew from one contractor in Nevada to 100 contractors spread across six states. The contractors specialize in, among other fields, painting, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. STWP relies on simple business models and automated technologies to achieve operational efficiency while enhancing profitability and scalability. 

STWP handles all aspects of the business: 

managing contractors, collecting payments from contractors, hiring new contractors, answering messages and calls from bot contractors, and managing outsourcing online advertising to two large teams of international internet advertisers.

Solutions from Three Problems on offer Bob's repair:

Reviewing fraud

Because of cheating review, consumers can no longer trust online reviews. Reviewing fraud occurs in several ways. Companies artificially raise their overall rank by buying fake reviews and paying for the removal of negative reviews. Companies are also artificially lowering their competitors' rankings by buying fake negative reviews. As a result, consumers can no longer trust search lists, such as local Google recommendations, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp. Without a legitimate review, consumers can not make an educated choice, which leads to hiring contractors with the most advanced fraud practices compared to the best service or price.

Advertising costs

Due to advertising costs, consumers pay too much for skilled trading services. For example, on an existing trading services website, the contractor will spend large sums of money on advertising. The contractor incurs this advertising cost to the consumer, which results in a higher price.

Price transparency

Because of the lack of price transparency, consumers do not know the true cost of the services they buy, which results in unfair prices. For example, an existing skilled trading service website may charge $ 375 USD to replace the toilet. Consumers, however, do not know why the service charge is $ 375 USD - what is the cost of new toilets versus labor versus cost? As a result, consumers unknowingly pay $ 375 USD for toilet installation so they should pay $ 150 USD.


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