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Crypto has increased interest in the money market day by day. For this reason, the number of investors also shows a rapid increase. However, investors prefer to find a safe and secure platform for a long time to change their crypto currency. Because, in the presence of the most famous centralized platform, there are situations where users of crypto coins will earn very high commissions, low security levels, slow transaction times, complicated menu for beginners, inadequate customer service, and so on.

Among the discoveries of this century is the blockchain system. In this system there is an ever-increasing list of records, called blocks, associated with chain blocks using crypto and secure money. Each block contains the hash pointer as the previous block, the time stamp, and the link to the process data. Design, block chains are inherently resistant to data changes. It is an open and distributed book that can record transactions between two parties effectively, verifiable and forever.

For this reason, there is no need to doubt the security of this system. In the case of Blockchain technology, private key encryption is a powerful way to meet authentication requirements. Having a private key is taking ownership.


CoinMetro is a trading platform for crypto money trading. Offering a complete and supportive financial platform, CoinMetro provides new services to help newcomers and experienced and professional currency traders to start crypto trading. Thanks to a variety of ecosystems, the trading platform supports familiar investment options such as professional portfolio management and ETF, while at the same time helping users invest in ICO (new crypto-currency sales).

CoinMetro is not a new generation team that wants to bring a concept that is completely unrelated to the system. This ancestor team is expert in the same thing and they have actually done this before. Of course, crypto money was not so popular then. They have provided information on markets and investment expertise.

FXPIG, CoinMetro's strategic integration partner, is associated with an established Forex broker. FXPIG's proven financial experience and summary will help CoinMetro deliver Token Rebate Program. The Token Rebuying Program is one way CoinMetro initially keeps COIN prices constant and supports market growth.

XCM tokens:
CoinMetro will use XCM tokens as their own cryptocurrency. XCM tokens will be used for the digital asset that powers CoinMetro.
In total there will be a total supply of 500.000.000 XCM.
  • The price for the pre-token sale will start at 0.03 EUR.
  • The price will increase by 0.02 after every 12,500,00th XCM is sold.
  • The pre-Token Sale hardcap is set to 50 million XCM.
  • Any COIN not sold during the pre-Token Sale will be carried over to the token sale.
    Therefore the pricing will look as followed
  • 12,500,000 COIN Sold - 1.25% TBPR 1 +0.02 price increase (Vesting REQUIRED)
  • 25,000,000 COIN Sold - 2.50% TBPR 1 +0.02 price increase (Vesting REQUIRED)
  • 37,500,000 COIN Sold - 3.75% TBPR 1 +0.02 price increase
  • 50,000,000 COIN Sold - 5.00% TBPR 1 +0.02 price increase
For the token-sale the price will increase in the following intervals and the following bonuses:
  • 100M COIN Sold - 8% TBPR + lifetime CM discount +0.01 price increase
  • 150M COIN Sold - 11% TBPR + 0.01 price increase
  • 200M COIN Sold - 14% TBPR + lifetime pre-pre-token sale invites +0.01 price increase
  • 250M COIN Sold - 17% TBPR + lifetime FXPIG discount +0.01 price increase
  • 300M COIN Sold - 20% TBPR
  • TBPR = Token Buypack Program Reserve, CM = Commision reduction,
  • The value per token after the ICO is therefore at 0.15 EUR.
Distribution Plan:
The distribution plan for CoinMetro can be seen in the following graphic on the left side. Also how the funds are used can be taken by the graphic on the right side.
What I really miss on CoinMetro is a clear, visual roadmap. They have one, but this is just a listing of some bulletpoints. Also I found a video from them illustrating their roadmap, which is made pretty well. But I wished there was a more detailed and visual roadmap for this project. To summaryze this shortly, CoinMetro has achieved already a few of their goals, but are still in the beginning of the roadmap. The goals seems clear and also it looks very promising.


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