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Warm greetings to all of us, what's your best friend wherever you are. This time I will review about one of the ICOs that has good prospects for the long term, certainly in a research that we need to do before we start participating in an ICO is a research first. Well this time I will discuss to be a recommendation from me for a friend of hope, then let's take a look at ICO discussion this time.

Well ICO this time that I will discuss is CoinMetro, to shorten the time let's review below.

For your information, CoinMetro is not your average cryptocurrency trend. Well, from many kinds of cryptocurrency out there, it aims to change how the world nowadays receives blockchain innovation as something that is beneficial for mankind in the future. As we live in a postmodern world, trustworthy and transparency are the top two issues that people first consider when they are about to start investing in a brand new business. 

The team behind CoinMetro was actually first started in 2011. But sadly, it was not the best time to launch a new kind of cryptocurrency based on a blockchain innovation. You need to read more to know how the team comes with a brand new name but still aiming for the same purpose.

The CoinMetro platform delivers a solid, user-focused platform offering ease of moving between blockchain-based digital assets and traditional markets. CoinMetro’s ecosystem combines the best of the crypto world — a fast, intuitive exchange, a feature-rich trading platform, and a complete ICO engine. It is all accessible via a streamlined web application with full integration with industry-leading blockchain platforms. An all-in-one package.

CoinMetro has been created by the team behind the Forex broker, FXPIG. They have the experience and knowledge of building an investment platform and they want to bring this into the Crypto Space. Move over Binance, Bittrex and KuCoin! Here is why.

The Facts and Review about CoinMetro

The team behind CoinMetro actually did the same thing before in 2011. Unfortunately, the program failed as the press was not that friendly to the team. Back then, the name used for the programme was the FXPIG. It was the first FX Broker to focus on the profitability of the clients, the first to put transparency forward, the first to link their goals with their clients’, and the first to invest in a brand new technology. Six years later, they come up with a brand new name, CoinMetro, hoping to achieve the impending success.

Furthermore, the timeline of the brand new CoinMetro program goes like this. The development first started on October 2017. Still at the same month, the eMoney license application was submitted. Then, in December 21st 2017, the Pre-Token Sale started. In the upcoming February 21st 2018, the real Token Sale will start. On March 2018, the development to launch FXPIG blockchain will be started and the exchange beta will be launched. One month later, on April 2018, the COIN will be traded at CoinMetro. The license will also be expanded at the same month.

On May 2018, CoinMetro liquidity will be at FXPIG. The COIN then is accepted at FXPIG on June 2018. On July 2018, the express ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is launched. Still at the same month, CoinMetro Debit Card is launched along with full PSP services. On October 2018, TAM platform will be launched, as well as crypto ETCF. On early 2019, some new licenses are acquired. Further on, CoinMetro and FXPIG shared development is started.

COIN (XCM), the token of CoinMetro, is expected to be widely used by mankind in the future, especially on all financial technology platforms. Included on the list are instant withdrawals from the debit cards of crypto generation; buying and selling cryptocurrency with ease; decentralized exchange with intuitive and easy access from the outside but complex inside; easy give-and-take crypto lending; Forex-based crypto trading with high leverage OTC; automatic portfolio management using crypto ETF board or token-based investment portfolio; and safe ICO marketplace.

In fact, CoinMetro has already been covered on numerous presses, such as Finance Magnates, Tech Metro, Finextra, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, CNET Japan,, CryptoCoin.News, Coin Desk, and International Business Times. For your information, it has numerous partners as well, including the FXPIG, Bright Bee United Kingdom, BitGo and Kingdom Trust, Take Profit Technology, Bitcoin Group Hong Kong, Team2Soft, AmaZix, and Kreative Klik Marketing.


The CoinMetro project positions itself as a link between traditional and digital markets. This platform clearly separates the four main activities.

  • The first is the crypto currency exchange at Fiat and back;
  • The second is the trading system (exchange);
  • The third is the investment platform;
  • The fourth is ICO Express's decision.
The four branches as a whole will be a single ecosystem with an intuitive interface that will work based on blocking technology. All functions and capabilities on the platform will be evaluated with a personal token - XCM, which runs on the Ethereal blockbuster. The main role in the development of this project is played by an existing company - the FXPIG Forex broker, which has been successfully operational since 2011. The CoinMetro project is developed taking into account the current development of the team. This fact will accelerate the development process and bring much more functionality, because behind the team already has real experience.


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