Crypto currencies have done something that no one has ever done so far. People use them in many areas, and the benefits and improvements that they will give will be talking for many years.There are many new projects coming every day. 
We know more and more about block chain technology. Everybody is now talking about Bitcoin and how it raised last year. Those ones who didn't know much about the crypto currencies, now are more involved and eager to hear and learn more about. They want to invest also.
We will be talking about new project called Coinvest. They have created trading platform. They are using smart contracts on Ethereum network with ERC compatible tokens. Tokens which are made for purpose of these project. 
This is a project powered by block chain technology. The project is focused on providing people better usage of crypto currency. In this decentralized system everything is transparent and it will bring back the trust in an old system, which they lost. You will no longer have to do exhausting verifications, registrations, waiting to complete. One account on Coinvest platform, will solve all your problems. 
All time-consuming work is finished. It's simplicity is what the users are been waiting for. They will offer users wallet, which will provide efficient security. They will also provide users tools which are very useful and they will be very helpful for calculation and analyzing risks of investment. On dashboard will be gathered all your statistics of your portfolio. For each trade you will get reward in COIN tokens. 
You will as a user be able to participate in some future funds and opportunity to become a fund manager and then also make a profit with your fund. The platform is easy to use, even for those inexperienced and beginners. 

The platform gives you a lot of user support that is an important thing. It will bring a revolutionary things in these field. That all is possible with a block chain technology. Block chain platform not only provides authoritative control of information but it also assures quick and accurate transactions. It is remarkable and very nice to see projects like this. If you are beginner and you didn't have a chance to join this world of crypto currencies, now is your opportunity. Coinvest is what we need, to support us and give us a guidance through that journey.

How does it work? 

Coinvest uses a blocking protocol that regulates transactions between users using a smart contract. The platform will work through the application with the same name, in which all user actions will take place. The command starts its token, through which, strictly speaking, all transactions and operations within the platform will be performed. 
Therefore, users will have the opportunity to create virtual portfolios through which they can invest with a currency, as well as exchange encrypted currencies with maximum potential. Applications will be processed using the COIN token, which is forwarded to the smart Coinvest contract and retained by a guarantee deposit mechanism.,among other things.
Will combine the functions of the commercial exchange and the investment fund, the main advantages of Coinvest will be:
  • Absence of a third party;
  • No KYC / AML verification;
  • Ability to store the encrypted currency;
  • Sales without coverage;
  • Limit orders;
  • Index funds (including those controlled by the user);
  • Full autonomy;
  • Decentralization;
  • Lack of need for custody.


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