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Complexities that arise in the holders of crypto-currencies often lead to the fact that a person gets out of this market. Quite often there are problems, which are connected with the lack of decentralization and democratization of transactions. That is why the developers of the project Coinvest made every effort to reduce the number of such inconveniences for participants in the crypto-currency market.

The platform is designed to ensure that every investor, be it a large player or an individual, can work with the courses of the Crypto-currency without unnecessary costs, risks and dangers. For this purpose, a single platform was created, which means creating a personal purse for each participant, and it also provides the opportunity to create its own crypto-currency index thanks to a single token.

Benefits that the user receives using this platform are obvious. This is an opportunity to make profit for transactions and participate in loyalty programs, the ability to manage the index fund, as well as profit directly from the platform token itself, as demand for it will eventually grow. And this will happen in any case, because a low commission, which is fixed, attracts more and more customers who do not want to pay high interest commissions. Naturally, the popularity of the ecosystem will lead to its scaling.

Coinvest allows you to trade a coin in the Encrypted World . The hat allows coinvest to become the first centralized platform to provide this service to the cryptography world. In general, Coinvest is a new way to invest in a cipher suite.

In this case, the user can actually invest in criptoasset without exchange, with some wallets or centralized third parties. Coinvest also has some special advantages over the funds and other crypto-currency exchanges. One example is that there is no interaction with third parties and no verification of KYC / AML. Coinvest also has short selling and other great features.

Description and Purpose

Coinvest intends to create a future where users will have one platform, one wallet, and one token (COIN), which enables one to create a digital investment portfolio to invest in a lot of cryptography. This will significantly reduce the costs, risks, and complexities associated with crypto investments in a centralized exchange or investment fund. 

The more frequent third-party convergence in the case of traditional investment use is replaced by smart contracts that will act as autonomous agents and systematically compensate all users, investors and owners throughout the Coinvest ecosystem.

Crowd sale

Tokens are called COIN tokens, and they are made especially for the use of this project. ETH is currency which is accepted in this project. 
There will be total of 107 000 000 tokens in circulation. There will be great bonuses for the one who are joining first. Initial price is rising, so you better join early.
Speaking of price, for 1000 COIN tokens you will have to pay 700 dollars. Look at the picture below to see how tokens are distributed:
Crowd sale is one way to earn tokens, but there are so many more. You can earn yourself tokens by working on the marketing campaigns such as social media campaigns, various translations and signature campaigns.


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