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About The Project:

Every day several projects go to the ICO. Kraudfanding for today is a popular, actively maintained and convenient form of financing. A lot of start-ups, creative ideas and promising projects need investments, and the CrowdCoinage platform wants to help them get them, creating a single ecosystem with many tools needed to organize a token.

Given the number of startups that we see around, we can assume that the service CrowdCoinage will be in demand and success. More details about its capabilities and objectives further.

Aims and objectives of the CrowdCoinage platform

In short, CrowdCoinage is the first free, decentralized platform for conducting ICO campaigns. It promises to help all start-ups, and to facilitate the conduct of business from anywhere in the world in a secure decentralized environment with the support of e-residency.
The main properties of the platform CrowdCoinage:
  1. Decentralization. The system will not have a single control center, and only a few servers will be located outside the network, for example, intended for the storage of personal data of users, and giving full control over them.
  2. Security and transparency. The project intends to gather around itself a community of supporters who will vote for the further development and evolution of projects using CrowdCoinage for launch.
  3. Availability. The base set of tools of the CrowdCoinage platform will be free, the service will enable all projects to start crowdaming campaign, regardless of their scope and goals. Large start-ups with more financial resources will be able to order some paid services, for example, legal or marketing plans.
  4. Providing e-residency. The CrowdCoinage platform is registered in Estonia, and it will assist start-ups with the goal of opening companies in this country. It is planned that the program of e-residency will facilitate the procedure of KYC and will increase the security class of projects.
  5. Ability to use as a trading platform. The CrowdCoinage platform is not just a springboard for ICO start-ups, but also a large-scale labor market for professionals of all levels involved in crowdscapeing: managers, designers, PR specialists, marketers, copywriters, editors, lawyers-they will all be able to offer their services projects that go to the ICO.
The platform CrowdCoinage promises to become a place where new projects will be created "on a turn-key basis". Where it will be possible to carry out the full startup of the startup, recruit a team, find like-minded people, get practical advice on how to improve or promote your idea. In addition, thanks to the competent and step-by-step organization of crowdfinding, the riskiness of projects is reduced and their investment attractiveness is increased.


Crowd Coinage wants to create a platform that will expand the opportunities for launching new projects. They want to make the whole process of fundraising and investor search much easier for beginners, but also help investors to exert greater influence and influence where their money goes.
In the end, Crowd Coinage wants to be the ultimate platform for processing startups, offering a wide range of different financial services, for example, loans and insurance policies for start-ups.

Crowd Coinage OS will act as a base platform where other projects can conveniently launch and manage their ICO campaigns. The OS will integrate with various services and act as a management platform, which will help to organize and develop the project more efficiently. For example, the platform will be integrated with two major exchanges, which can act as a big advantage for projects when it comes to managing crypto-currencies or issuing personal tokens.
The base itself will be a convenient place for investors to find interesting projects. They can filter, sort and search for specific tags. Launch can provide all the necessary information with graphics and details. The founders of the project can communicate with each other and look for talented people with special skills. Introduce the opportunity and create your team from scratch.
Crowd Coinage does not want this part of the platform to become a simple hired and freelance job market. They want to create a place for various projects and teams for cooperation, joint work on solutions, give feedback to each other or seek help. This can happen either at a public forum, or in a private chat. The whole process is paid or unpaid. It's more pleasant when advisors are awarded some Crowd Coinage tokens based on the help or complexity of the task.
Run The ICO From Anywhere In The World
CrowdCoinage is located in Estonia. This gives it the ability to enable startups to take advantage of Estonia’s highly regarded e-Residency program.
This program gives startup teams the same rights that would be available if they were located in Estonia. This includes the ability to easily setup a company online and open and manage a business bank account.
With CrowdCoinage and the Estonia E-residency program location really won’t be a bar to running an ICO.

CrowdCoinage Token Sale
In order to raise funds for the development and promotion of the CrowdCoinage platform they are running their own token sale.

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