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How To Get 750 DashClassic(DSC) With Myetherwallet

Step 1

use myetherwallet, send ETH to this contract 0x4E355B98f94c4A6461bcBcf06efB1aD5633b7595
Set GAS : 80000
Set Gwei : 4
Send 0.0005 ETH to contract address (dont send under 0.0005 ETH or transaction fail)
Click Generate Transaction

Step 2

after click Generate Transaction you need to click again Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.

Step 3

wait until the transaction is confirmed in blockchain

Step 4

Add Custom Token in Myetherwallet
Address : 0x910534D325a9766f6fca73154E259D39f1C9DaE1
Token Symbol : DSC
Decimals : 12

Step 5

transaction is confirmed, you will get DashClassic(DSC) in your wallet


Channel : https://t.me/dshclassic

Telegram : https://t.me/dshclassicgroup

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Dshclassic

Github : https://github.com/Dshclassic

Website : dashclassic.io (soon)

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