Digitize Coin - Converting loose change into virtual currencies.


What is Digitize ?

Digitize is a blockchain-based ecosystem and cryptocurrency that allows consumers to convert loose change into virtual currencies at the point of transaction. The loose change is converted into Digitize tokens, allowing it to be used for payments, loyalty programs and exchanged for Ether. Think of Digitize as a digital piggy bank!
One of the hardest problems in crypto is how to reduce the complexity of dealing with cryptocurrencies. Currently, in order to buy or hold cryptocurrencies, typically involves registering at an exchange, wiring funds, and setting up a wallet. These steps, for those not familiar with the crypto-currency market, can be challenging. Digitize solves this problem through several end user layers including a mobile wallet and mainstream adoption.

The mobile wallet solves the challenge of handling private and public keys. Instead of managing a long and complicated Blockchain public key, it may be preferable for end users to simply maintain a password-based system that is more familiar. Increasingly mobile devices can be secured by fingerprint or face recognition. The Digitize mobile wallet will be available to both consumers and retailers enabling seamless transactions and deposits.

Digitize’s aim is to promote mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Our target in achieving this goal will be realized through enabling the conversion of loose change into crypto-currency at the retail point-of-sale which will then be held on an easy to use mobile digital wallet. The Digitize mobile wallet will be available on android and IOS markets to download and use by anyone. In addition, there is no restriction of the type, size, or location of retailer who may use the app. This combination of features allows retailers to quickly on-board onto the Digitize platform and start using QR codes and Blockchain technology to help users convert their change to crypto.  

How it will work ?


Rewards will be given to retailer to motivate them to encourage consumer adoption of Digitize. These rewards will be provided through a percentage of the transaction fee, as well as through reaching certain milestones i.e. the more consumers they refer onto Digitize tokens the more free tokens they will receive. 


Digitize tokens will be generated during the token generation event to be given to consumers who refer other consumers onto the Digitize platform which will help market and create awareness for Digitize.

Feedback Rewards

Businesses seeking feedback on goods and services that they currently provide, or should they wish to introduce new goods and services, can provide incentives to consumers with Digitize tokens to motivate them to participate. The feedback system will allow the businesses to conduct market research or focus groups that will enable them to understand the needs and wants of their consumers in more detail. Information from the consumers will be securely stored and processed so as not to identify the consumer and will allow them the freedom to provide open and constructive feedback that will help all parties involved.

Platform Example

Token Details & Allocation

Symbol : DTZ
Supply : 200,000,000 DTZ
Conversion rate : 1DTZ= 0.0002 ETH
Type : erc20
Presale hard cap : 4,000 ETH
Presale soft cap : 600 ETH
Payment method : ETH only

60% for Public release
20% for Team and devloper
10% for Advisor, bounty, and airdrop
10% for Reserve


Founder : Umer Aslam
Platform Manager : Kent Trant
Lead Blockchain Developer : Radek Ostrowski
Legal Advisor : Rehan Ahmad
Client Relationship Manager : Ahmer Sheikh
Marketing Manager : Dean Simcock
Business Consultant : Syed Ali

So what do you guys thing ? Interested to investing to this project ? Pre-Sale start in  11:00 AM (GMT) on 06 April 2018
Bonuses: Pre-Sale discount is set at 25% Exclusive Discounts: For contributions of 50 ETH and more, please contact  info@digitizecoin.com
And the Token sale ICO start at 11:00 AM (GMT) on 04 May 2018

Also if you guys want to get some free token by doing simple task just go here https://bountyhive.io/join/Digitize%20Coin 

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