Dogezer is a New Generation Platform for Entrepreneurs, Software Engineers, UI\UX Designers, Artists, Salespersons, Marketing Specialists and all other individuals involved in the creation, promotion, and support of software products of any kind. Dogezer connects these individuals allowing them to collaborate on the products they believe in, and collectively share the fruits of their labor.

Dogezer is a crowd-sourcing and collaboration platform specifically built to answer all of the above and enable you to have your project done together with other people all around the world. It is a platform crafted for the purpose of turning simple ideas into full grown businesses. Anybody with a solid idea can start a project on the platform. The process is simple. 

You have an idea, so you create a project on Dogezer. You then write your product vision as well as your intended revenue model. This enables you to create your very own project's coins. You can then put your idea out on to the Dogezer market, and offer to hire people for your project in exchange for an agreed upon coin amount. As the project starts gaining traction and generating revenue, that money is used to buy the coins back from the team.

Imagine a service where you could start your dream project in a few clicks, get it done with the help of the best world experts, give these people a fair share depending on their performance, and then enjoy success together. Dogezer is a platform enabling such possibility by bringing in all the necessary tools and processes into one integrated product, enabling your team members to become your investors.

  1. Dogezer will remove investors as "middlemen" in a project team organization process, giving the founder a possibility to execute the project using the balanced system of promises to team members, who effectively will be the product investors.
  2. Dogezer will open an opportunity for individual contributors to invest their labor into one or multiple products they believe in, take an active role in ensuring the project's success and enjoy the rewards matching their contribution.
  3. Dogezer provides an integrated and ready to use set of tools and best practices for a project execution. Dogezer minimizes conflicts of interests inside the team, ensures team members involvement and helps to build better products faster.

How It Works

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When the person visits our website via your referral link and provides us his/her wallet and email, this person will be recorded in our system as your personal referral.
If the person joins Whitelist, this person will be recorded as your referral.
If the person opens this page and provides his/her email/wallet to generate a referral link, this person will be recorded as your referral.

In other cases, your referral code will be stored in this person’s browser cookies, so if they use the same device/browser to visit our website later and execute any task where he/she provides email/wallet pairs, this person will be recorded as your referral

For public ITO purchasers, the tracking details that a person is your referral will be stored in cookies and will be recorded only at the moment when they execute the purchase.
If the person already visited our website through a referral link, all future visits will not change the referrer of this person.

Referral program has 2 tiers, which means you will also get 0.3% from each purchase done by a referral of your referral. You can go back to this page at any moment and see the list of your referrals by entering the same email and wallet you used to generate the referral link. You will be able to audit the transactions for our ITO smartcontract and see the purchases your referrals have made.

The minimal payment in referral campaign is 0.05 ETHReferral program payments will be executed only if SoftCap is collected. All of the payments for referral campaign will be executed manually and will be completed no later than May 1st, 2018. We will do everything possible to expedite this process. 

Dogezer Team will do everything possible to ensure proper behaviour and stability of our referral tracking solution, but as we depend on third parties, there may be cases when referrals are not properly tracked. Dogezer Team reserves the right to ban referral campaign participation in case of spam complaints or if there is any other misbehaviour. Banned persons will not receive referral payments.


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