Dogezer is a unique project designed to bring together tools, workflows into a single integrated product. The new generation platform was developed specifically for cooperation in the field of software development. Service Dogezer can be useful for entrepreneurs, artists, sellers, as well as designers, marketing specialists. In other words, anyone who is related to software products can use it to work and develop activities. The project participants are invited to become investors.

In the process of working on the platform Dogezer you can form a team, and manage it without involving third-party funding. The project integrates a wide range of functional tools in a single ecosystem that are similar to Jira, GitHub, as well as Google Docs, and UpWork.

The project infrastructure allows modern companies to replace many tools. Dogezer does not have to solve the issue of integration between different products, pay large sums of money to suppliers. For full-fledged work, companies only need to use only one maximally effective product with tools that are available in one place.

The Dogezer platform allows:

  • To become a co-founder of a start-up; 
  • Create custom tokens; 
  • To earn a crypto currency or conventional means; 
  • Start the development of the project without using investment; 
  • Start the ICO project in accordance with the current legal requirements.

The Dogezer environment can also be used by traditional companies to replace a plethora of tools they are currently using. With Dogezer, they will no longer need to solve integration issues between different products and pay to multiple vendors. Dogezer allows them to use one integrated and efficient product, with all the tools required available in one place.
The Dogezer team have been working on a solution from the spring of 2016. The fully functional alpha version is released and available for use at Beta version is scheduled for summer of 2018 and 1.0 release will be launched at the end of 2018. Dogezer is planning to use the “Freemium” model where a limited amount of platform services are free. 
To consume services above the free level, the platform users will be required to have a number of “Unit of Service” on their Dogezer account. Users acquire the “Unit of Service” through the Basic or Premium License. The Premium Licenses will be available for sale through Initial Token Offering in the form of “DGZ” Token.
The DGZ Token is of deflationary nature. A total number of the Premium Licenses in existence will be permanent. As a result, and to ensure proper rate of license consumption on the platform, the number of the Premium Licenses represented by one Token will grow over time.

What problems can developers encounter?

It often happens that talented people are forced to come to their daily work, which does not motivate them, and also has no prospects for growth. Often, various circumstances can extinguish a creative “light” in people and any ambitions. As a result, the work will not bring joy, and the idea will lie buried under the ruins of the circumstances. A person, without any enthusiasm, will work from salary to salary.

Unfair distribution of profits:

Often hired workers hope that the amount of work done will be proportional to wages.

Problems that the team may encounter?

To ineffective work of the team, as well as to the intense psychological atmosphere in the work collective, there can be various circumstances. For example: violation of the preliminary agreements on wages, on the work schedule, the amount of work and so on. 

All this harms the successful, timely completion of the project and its quality.
With the interaction of different, dissimilar platforms for developers, the timing of project launch may be violated, which can lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the team.

What solution does Dogezer offer?

The prospective Dogezer project will help to eliminate all unnecessary intermediaries, which in turn ensures a more equitable distribution of the reward, and will enable each member of the team to become an investor of the project on which he will work.
A wonderful project Dogezer will have the opportunity to provide complete freedom of choice for all members of the service. 

For example: any person can participate in one or several projects simultaneously and in proportion to their work, get the promised and fair payment.
The innovative project Dogezer combines the best world experience, which will help to minimize all the disputable moments in the team.


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