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Humans are sometimes drowned in a series of activities that are too much and do not pay attention to other interests. The lack of public awareness in organizing and preserving the environment has resulted in the deterioration of environmental quality so severe. This should be of particular concern to the government in rearranging areas that have not been clean from all forms of environmental damage. 

This can lead to the occurrence of disease and symptoms of symptoms that can arise later, in addition to creating and building a culture of society in environmental perspective this time I will introduce a conserving platform environment that is Natural Asset Exchange The purpose of this project to combine the strength of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency with many years of experience, year creates Environmental Sustainability Solutions to build a global Physical Asset Market that removes current barriers to participating in activities that conserve our Environment, while providing all stakeholders of tangible assets that value value as the market grows and grows

Reduce the impact of products and services The solutions described below serve to drive demand for Natural Assets through the provision of unique environmental sustainability solutions.This technology allows members who work with peasanahaan can cope with the climate to adapt, and create different values that help them build equity brand & stock increase. Impact ofChoice Carbon Mitigation Solution is an elegant approach to compensating for negative environmental impacts It successfully divides the mitigation of environmental impact mechanisms, and costs, for predetermined business metrics, which are directly related to the product, and the provision of katana, the cost of model sales. 

They believe that ultimately it is inevitable that environmental impact mitigation will occur to be taken into account in the price of products and services. Since 2009 we have developed business models, along with related values propositions and technology platforms, to enable this shift, thereby increasing the value of both our clients and their downstream customers.
For simplicity, and for the purpose of illustration, They use the hospitality industry as a case study example throughout this paper However, it is important to note that our environmental impact mitigation solutions are designed to be applicable to any company, of any size, in any industry. This is really a solution everywhere.

Know Earth Token

There is an old saying saying do not know then no love, this proverb that can be used as a benchmark as one way to introduce a product to the community. Well this is also certainly included with this one ico,

The Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and the sale of Earth Token's original signature token tokens provide a unique opportunity to completely transform the Natural Capital Asset market, creating a Natural Asset Marketplace that enables all stakeholders in the value chain to participate.

The Token Holder value is created because of the dynamics of supply & demand where the medium of exchange in inventory is limited. As the value and volume of transactions on the Natural Stock Exchange increase by using EARTH as the settlement mechanism, since the supply is fixed, naturally its value should be appreciated because of scarcity, which in turn will lead to an increase in EARTH market capitalization.

Illustration Of Business Transactions

transfers "associated with a business transaction across a particular supply chain; ie the upstream coverage of the provider's providers (eg Hotel) Emissions 1 & 2, also a downstream part of consumer coverage (eg Living Room) 3 emission. Therefore, by way of offsetting environmental impact of the 'night room', both sides benefited!.

Hotels reduce emissions from their overall emissions by associating with transactions, while guests receive actual carbon assets used to reduce their environmental impact, in proportion to their number of fixed 'Night Rooms' When implementing environmental impact mitigation Solutions, we transfer emissions reduce Carbon Assets from wallet of Carbon Asset original source address, to address owned by guest wallet It is undeniable evidence of environmental impact mitigation.

As the emission reduction value has been calculated on a direct basis.
Scope of emissions 1 & 2 using HCMI Methodology, hospitality providers have the right to legally claim carbon neutrality for them emissions of participating guests The Hotel can then reduce the same amount of emissions of Scope 1 & 2 in their own reporting, by association for transfers of climate transactions. 

By contrast, the recipient of Nature
Legitimate assets are entitled to use the Scope of Transferred Nature Assets as part of their own environmental impact mitigation activities. For our clients in business-to-business (B2B)
markets, the environment embedded above impact mitigation activities has proven to be a distinct differentiator that enables our clients to winvnew contracts and market share growth.

Confirmation of transaction settlement is through multilingual, template-based email, enabling full customization of content and messages, entry In accordance with the needs of each client hotel, creating a "touch point" environment with guests in their own language, check out the post. Each transaction result generates a public summary page generation containing information related to asset transfers.

Project Roadmap & Achivements

2008 – 2016
  • Research & Develop Carbon Mitigation Solution
  • Launch impactCoice
  • Carbon Mitigation Platform Live
  • 1st Carbon Mitigation Client Deplyment
  • Begin development of Carbon Neutral Fuel Solution
  • Deelop Waste-to-Energy Solution Strategy
  • Launch Neutral Fuel Solution
  • 1st Carbon Neutral Fuel Contract
  • Waste-to-Energy Partnership (TGG Projects)
  • Carbon Asset Supply Side Partnership
2017 -2020
  • Identify Blockchain technology as possible Transaction Platform
  • Develop Carbon Mitigation Solution on Multichain
  • LAunch Blockchain-Based Carbon Asset Management Platform
  • Formulate Natural Asset Exchange Strategy
  • Token Sale Complete – 15.03.2018
  • 20-30.03.2018 Earth Token Distribution
  • 18-20.04.2018 Launch Natural Asset Exchange World Travel Market Africa
  • Establish NOC
  • Establish Team & execte M&A Strategy to Grow Market & Platfor
  • Market Expansion
  • Upgrade Demand Side Platform
  • Release Natural Asset Exchange upgrade
  • Develop GHG Audit Platform
  • Release Natural Asset Exchange upgrade
  • Launch IoT Project
  • Bi-annual NAE Upgrades
A really long and impressive list of achievements and plans to do.


  • Token: Earth Token
  • Abbreviation: EARTH
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Platform: ERC20
  • Accepting:    ETH, BTC
  • 1ETH = 4000 EARTH 


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