IPSX a distributed network IP platform - ICO Review

IPSX is the first truly distributed IP-sharing marketplace that has created a global marketplace for IP addresses for flexible tools (SDKs and APIs) to help entrepreneurs and developers in a completely secure and transparent environment for new applications Program development. IPSX Existing IP Address - Sharing-Plattform.Es is a framework and new application on the market for VPN providers, data mining software, web scraping robots, micro-tasks etc.Official.
Participants involved in the mining process need intellectual property to perform their tasks. IPSX significantly reduces IP prices and addresses IP accessibility and usability issues. Our goal is to be the key ecosystem for any area where more or less IP is needed and to make it easier for everyone to access complex applications in data mining and other areas.

IPSX is a blockchain startup that addresses this issue by creating an open and decentralized market for IP addresses where anyone can provide their IP address for hire.

What is the typical application area for renting an IP address? For example, I may need to collect large amounts of data from search engines. It can be necessary to train AI algorithms, SEO or statistical research. 
Understanding the proliferation of automated data collection robots on the Internet, search engines limit the access to their pages by limiting the number of requests that can be made from one IP at a given time. In this case, it is convenient to rotate the IP address pool when making a request. 
Another reason to use different IP addresses may be related to privacy and security issues.

IPSX features


Fully automated block-based and decentralized system that fully scans coins for price and distribution based on IP needs.

Privacy and security

Improve privacy and security, and bypass censorship or other restrictions by accessing real-time IP from around the world and use it for 5 seconds to one full month.

Internal economy

You will be able to share the IP address of the device or share all unused IP as a data center and secure live FIAT exchangeable IPSX tokens (all connections will be recorded in the blockchain).

Advanced integration

SDK and API Integration: As a VPN provider, you will be able to integrate your system with our SDK to give your customers the choice of millions of IPs worldwide.

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