IPSX – a decentralized exchange for sharing IPs and a framework for building applications, on top of the existing IPs shared by the community members and data centers. A smart contract based, blockchain protocols and utility token incentivized mechanism of sharing IPs among actors from all over the world and a framework to build applications that require IPs built in a reliable and open source environment.


IPSX is the first truly decentralized IP Sharing Marketplace, which will create a global marketplace for IPs. Combined with flexible tools (SDKs and APIs), to aid entrepreneurs and developers in a fully secured and transparent environment to develop new applications on top of the already existing IPs on the IPSX sharing platform. It will become a framework and a marketplace for new applications that require IPs at their backbone (VPN providers, Data Mining software, web crawling bots, micro tasks, etc.).
Data is said to be the new resource of their times. At the backbone of Data Mining, large volumes of IPs are required for the actors involved in the mining process to be able to perform tasks. By substantially lowering the price of IPs and solving the IPs accessibility and availability problems, IPSX is aiming to become a key building ecosystem for all the fields that require larger or smaller  volumes of IPs and allowing complex applications from Data Mining and other fields to become more accessible to everyone.


The IPSX business model and use cases will fully benefit from all the advantages of the relatively new technological advances. The market for IP Sharing can now be organized to an entirely new system and principles, and moving from centralized and hard solutions to rent/share IPs to a fully decentralized and fully automated system of renting/sharing IPs. 
At the moment, the IP sharing market is only accessible to a few large players that understand it and its needs, and that also have the technical solutions to rent/share IPs. With the advancement of the blockchain technology, everyone can take part into a multibillion yearly business and provide their support to a decentralized economy and generate revenue in a safe and easy environment.

How IPSX Works

In fact, IPSX has an extremely easy operating principle. You can first install your application and share your device's IP on the IP Sharing Exchange platform within a short period of time, or lease your current IP from the IPSX platform. 
As a data center, you can also share all IPs that are not used in the IPSX platform.The IPSX ecosystem is mainly configured in 3 layers. These; block chain layer, front layer and VPN connection layer.


Blockchain-based systems are fully automated, with full opening of the utility tokens linking prices and distribution, based on offered and demand for IP.

First level:
You will be able to share your device's IP address or as a Data Center to share various unused IPs to win a real-time IPSX token in a secure manner. (All connections will log the blockchain).
As a client you will be able to access, in real time, IP from all over the world and use it for short period times, as from 5 seconds to a month.
Second level:
We will create a framework and marketplace and enable every business and service provider to build custom made applications that require large volumes of IP based on our SDK and API. 
As a VPN provider, you will be able to integrate your system with our SDK to let your clients choose from millions of IPs from around the world.
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