Improvement in a technology will provide a good development in a life, and in many aspects of technology has an important role in providing an impetus in an effort to create rapid progress with new facilities and innovation innovations in the system. Well designs that are increasingly giving a good effect on various fields with an enhancement will provide various facilities to the wider community around the world in understanding the difficulties of difficulties in a technology development.

This is because the technology will provide a process of development in a variety of activities getting better, starting on business and business activities will provide a variety of changes that increasingly bring more rapid growth, and more advanced in the era of the present and future life, and increasingly provides a wider range of interactions.

Whether through interaction in the business field, the better the quality, and also the quality of the business and the more widespread and able to compete and reach the world or globally by having a good market value, here we will introduce a new breakthrough in the development of smart technology in a robotic process automatically, in the effort of a development on various startup in the improvement in the system, and also in the process of a bussiness development in innovation and improvisation for the business getting bigger, and also with technology ethereum blockhain in combination.


BOT will be able to develop and improve business processes with the help of Block AI and Ethereum technology. A gradual increase in Business intelligence will make BOT smarter every day, which will ultimately improve the process of organizational excellence.

Process is a series of activities undertaken to achieve the desired result. Every activity in an organization requires a process. If you can not explain what you do as a "process", you do not know what you're doing.

Advantages of Obizcoin:

  1. Quality on rating and risk is trusted by having the best rewards and experience on the best robotic system
  2. Have a quality integration system and thus provide convenience to various clients in participating
  3. Profit levels are getting bigger with various guarantees for investors
  4. Low cost or cost in various transactions and interactions
  5. Interaction with various costumer increasingly and increasingly widespread and has a large reach globally
With a perfect work bot structure starting from the interaction with the user from the starting point, smes investor and consultant bussisnes, then on channel partner, to bot servises in service and analysis system, then developed in managed services in various aspects of business and processed , risk and rating checks, analysis.

Detail All Team Obizcoin : 

1. Varun Shah , Founder & CFO
2. Dr. Rupal Agarwal , Founder CSO
3. Nikhil Agarwal , Founder & CEO
4. Abhishek Prasad , Patner And CTO , Artifical Intelegence
5. Amit Upadhyay , Tecnology Patner
6. Dmitrii Sunka , Blockhain and Smartcontract Expert
7. Anton Chivchalov , Team Member
8. Samay Chaudhary Digital Marketing Strategist 
9. Shubham Kalra , Bussiness Proses Consultant
10. Ankit Shinde , Project Manager
11. Jisha Abraham , Account and investor Communications
12. Akshay Birader , Account Excecutive
13. Uttam Farakte , Web Developer

Advisor : 

1. Dilpreet Sidhu, Legal Advisor 
2. Umar Shariff , A.I Advisor
3. Valeri Natanelov , Advisor 
4. Michael Moreland , Advisor
5. Chatis Santos , Advisor 
6. Simon Cocking , Advisor 
7. Vladimir Ninov , Advisor


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