Obizcoin is a project of a business entity known as your Retail Trainer (YRC) that has been operating in India for many years, the company provides business management solutions to start-up businesses and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). They have helped many of their clients to develop internal and external business processes. apply them by aligning teams, integrating processes with their ERP and auditing the operational performance of the organization. Your Retail Trainer but wants to take advantage of the latest technology that drives many innovations in various aspects of human business, blockchain technology, to take his already successful business model into a decentralized market.
Your Retail Coach is developing a BOT of knowledge that can help startups and business challenges of SMEs scale.

What is Obizcoin's BOT? - is a decentralized business process management application. Excellence in business management will be achieved by developing Standard Organization Procedures (SOPs) for organizations in accordance with best industry practice. The standard operating procedure is a set of instructions that discusses who, what, where, why and when an activity. It defines the responsibilities, authority and reporting structure of each hierarchy within the organization.

This process can be customized by businesses to meet their specific needs. BOT can perform other functions besides developing business processes, can help implement and monitor its implementation and help teams adjust to the process. It helps beginners and SME businesses to build strong business and reduce the possibility of management failure.

Analysis Of Operational Risk Score

One of the main features of the Obizcoin BOT is the analysis of operational risk score is obtained with a unique risk score algorithm, which is a comprehensive business value that will help SMES, Startup, and Investor to find the following:
  • The level of Implementation Processes in the Organization,
  • Team performance measurement across the Organization
  • The strength of the organization is not just Weaknesses & determine the score but also reports the analysis as follows:
  • Top Score parameters such as process/employee/Department/cost center etc.
  • Assessment parameters like weak process/employee/Department/cost center etc.
  • Strategies for improvisation


Provide expert industry domain solutions BOT SWOT SYSTEM
Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats BOT AUDIT SYSTEM
BOT track and performance review team BOT PROCESS DESIGN
Designing process as per organization requirement


Optimum resource utilization decisions BOT REWARD SYSTEM
Run Reward system through smart contract BOT ALERTS
Preventive, Prescriptive, Predictive alert BOT SMART CONTRACTS
Run a Smart contract inside and outside the organization SMART PROCESS BOT FEATURES

The Benefits Of The Process Of Bot Obizcoin

  • Standardization
  • Scalability
  • Ease of operation
  • Customer service excellence
  • Saving resources

The project bot advantages:

BOT is going to be suitable making and extemporizing business forms with the help of AI and Ethereum Blockchain Technology Perpetual upgrade in Business information can build the bot additional intelligent a day, that ought to, within the long-term, enlarge to the procedure brilliance remainder of the association.
  • Domain experience – Provides trade domain professional solutions
  • Process style – styles the processes as per the structure desires
  • Process selections  –  for optimum utilization of resources
  • SWOT System – Analyses Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Smart Contracts – Execute sensible contracts among and out of doors the organization
  • Reward System – change Reward system through Ethereum sensible Contracts
  • Audit System –  tracks and reviews processes and performances
  • Alerts – Prescriptive and prophetical alerts


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