Saifu (SFU) Token Sale


Saifu (SFU) Token Sale


Currently cryptocurrency comes with various 'names' and each claims that they are the best. Some people have started to dare to save some money and make some transactions using cryptocurrency. As a 'new money', cryptocurrency is new to a few users (continues to grow), why? Because, at least for now, this type of money still has many limitations.
Security, highly unstable exchange rates, and the difficult use of cryptocurrency in everyday life activities are some of the drawbacks that many people are reluctant to shift from real-money to cryptocurrency.
The advantages of Saifu
A part from the problems that exist, Saifu comes with some advantages and improvements to be more acceptable to the public. Currently, Saifu is one of the few cryptocurrencies that actively continues to approach the bank so that, at least, Saifu users can use this cryptocurrency in some daily activities such as shopping.
You may have heard or been offered to invest your money in cryptocurrency other than Saifu. Doubts arise when most other cryptocurrencies often offer many things but have very few real examples. Saifu is something different; it performs a variety of research and investment before asking its users to participate in the infestation.
The other most basic doubt is about the security, legality, and ease of a cryptocurrency. Saifu has worked hard for it. Saifu is one of the safest cryptocurrencies and it's legal. For convenience is actually relative, because although it is easy, but the use of this kind of money is not as easy as the use of real money (still has many restrictions).
Here will be described some of the advantages Saifu has:
1. Secure
Saifu uses the bank's equivalent security system. This is a great start to gain user trust, but is that true? Yes, it is. Saifu uses multi-layered bank security to minimize theft. Keep in mind that one of the biggest problems encountered with cryptocurrency is theft. Some people can lose everything he has in his wallet in an instant and Saifu does not want it to happen to the company.
Saifu does not want to 'save oneself'; they want both the company and the users to be secured.Saifu uses the most tried and tested systems and technologies to protect its users' money. Saifu guarantees the safety and convenience of its users, but to date, no cryptocurrencies have dared to reimburse users in the event of theft (including Saifu).
2. Regulated
Many cryptocurrencies end up as scam sites. Why? Cryptocurrency is dangerous for many people. It is said that cryptocurrency has many flaws and potentially provides loss, etc. This causes few parties to legality of a cryptocurrency.
Apart from that, Saifu is one of the cryptocurrencies whose legality is guaranteed by Czech National Bank. CNB enforces strict rules that must be adhered to and and the various requirements that must be met in order for Saifu to obtain its legality. Not only legality, CNB also provides security to the user Saifu (but still no guarantee that your money will be refunded in case of theft).
Saifu is not only monitored by CNB, but also gets full oversight from Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). Every transaction made, every day, will be audited by not just one but a few largest accountancy firms (no mention of the name of the firms). Saifu also provides security against both software and hardware to avoid break-ins and downs.
3. Easy
The easiness of cryptocurrency is relative. Need more adaptation and knowledge about the currency. The bottom line is that you cannot use it for various purposes; the use of this currency is still very limited. If you are someone who wants to use Saifu as an investment, then maybe you make a right decision. But if you imagine that you can treat it like a savings, credit card, or ATM then you are wrong.
The different between Saifu and others
As mentioned earlier, Saifu is a cryptocurrency that has many conveniences, security, and legality. Again,the ease is relative, but if we talk about security and legality then these two things clearly put Saifu on another level. The security possessed by Saifu may already be owned by some other well-known cryptocurrency, but legality is a very important guarantee in this investment. You may be offered things by other cryptocurrencies, but you do not necessarily get the legality.
The point is whatever cryptocurrency you want to choose, you have to figure out how you will use the currency. Until now, this type of currency is still a debate, especially with the lack of recognition of a state regarding the legality of cryptocurrency.


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