In the world of crypto currencies is essential to be ingenious, innovative, and it is also important to connect some industries or sides of industries in the world with crypto currencies. 

Doing something before nobody does and with their product and ingenuity, stand out from others, that is what is all about. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. For this reason, we present you project Savedroid.

We will be talking about a new project called Savedroid. 
We know how complicated is the procedure and how it is time-consuming. It is not simple at all and many people struggle to get it all clear and for understanding the whole system of exchanges takes a lot of time and effort. For beginners isn't easy and it seems so complicated, to deal with this whole procedure, and that is the reason we need projects like Savedroid, so everyone could have a chance to join. 
We can skip all that confusing steps and make it better. They are using smart contracts on Ethereum network with ERC compatible tokens. Tokens which are made for purpose of these project. SVD tokens you can use on this platform and this tokens are going to fuel that whole system. This is a project powered by block chain technology. The project is focused on providing people better usage of crypto currency. The platform is easy to use, even for those inexperienced and beginners. 
The platform gives you a lot of user support that is an important thing. Founders of project Savedroid are using AI ecosystem, as well as they are giving an opportunity for users for investing into cryptocurrencies in the easiest way possible. Users will also have the opportunity to participate in ICOs, and also they have an ability for betting on the future prices. of crypto currencies. 
That all is possible with a block chain technology. Its simplicity is what the users are been waiting for. If you are a beginner and you didn't have a chance to join this world of crypto currencies, now is your opportunity. Savedroid is what we need, to support us and give us a guide through that journey.

What is SAVEDROID TOKEN and How can I use it?

Before we begin with the Savedroid token, I would first like to briefly discuss about the types of tokens being used in the cryptocurrency market. There are two types:
  1. Security or Equity Tokens – They are tokens that represent a share in stock or business. They also represent ownership of an asset.
  2. Utility Tokens – Savedroid tokens belong to this type. Utility tokens are often called app tokens or user tokens. Simply, these kind of tokens are used as payment to a product or service within the cryptocurrency environment.
Each company in the market has its own form of currency that can be used as a form of payment made within their ecosystem. That is the equivalent of Savedroid Token (SVD) in the Savedroid community. As a utility token,  SVD can be used in exchange for the the services, purchases and fees that a person may buy. 
The wonderful thing about this is that, after Savedroid tokens are exchanged for services as payments, a certain percentage will be burned or will be eliminated to support the inflation of Savedroid in the future. This means that the founders of the company has a future plan for project and thought of ideas that will surely benefit everyone. Burning a certain amount of Savedroid tokens after they are used will cause the price of the tokens to rise in the market as demand will also increase.
A total of 10 billion SVD tokens will be issued into the Ethereum blockchain using a smart contract. Ethereum blockchain was the choice for this project because it has a large range of adoption and  its industry-standard in giving out custom digital assets. Savedroid’s main sale is about to come to an end and the company has already sold a whooping total of 3, 895, 984, 844 SVD tokens. As posted on their main website, SVD will be listed on the exchange platfrom, HITBTC. 

What Services can Savedroid Offer?

In order to stay true to its vision and help the the greater number of people in the crypto market, Savedroid provides the necessary tools in order to get rid of the adoption barriers and make cryptocurrency more applicable to the general public. This tools will allow the users to purchase, store, invest and save in cryptocurrency. 
It would encourage people to participate in cryptocurrency activities since they will not be intimidated by its complicated surface. A great project and a first step in making the cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone.

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