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Savedroid is an innovative platform in which the users will be able in getting lots of financial services that are secured, simple and also unique. It comes with a great concept where people can save their money in more comfortable, easier way with their platform. 

Savedroid understands that saving money in a conventional way is boring and rather difficult. As people get their money from their salary, they tend to spend it on their monthly need. They also need to save more money for their future. But, this is something traditional and modern people need something that is more challenging.

Starting with the need for unique savings and financing service from the best platform, Savedroid starts their program to create an evolution in savings and financial needs. Their Facebook page will tell you more info about this platform. So, just click at to find more. In this case, the unique feature comes as its key program; connecting the platform with the user’s lifestyle. You might get it as an abstract concept, but Savedroid team break them down into three aspects of their program.

At first, Savedroid will make the micro saving possible. It means you can save more money even in the smallest amount of money. Then, Savedroid is also making it automated. There will be a program in which you will save a particular amount of money as you do something. Again, this feature is possible as you get them connected to your lifestyle apps. 

Automated saving makes people don’t have to think twice when they have to save their money. Then, Savedroid also relates the experience of their users to the memorable events. The unique events will make the users more motivated in saving their money.

Company History

Savedroid was founded as a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) in 2015 as part of the Unibator program of the Goethe University Frankfurt / Germany - the financial center of the Euro zone. Since then savedroid has raised more than € 3M in equity from renowned investors such as the Investment and Economic Development Bank of Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB), 360T Group Managing Partner Alfred Schorno, Infosys Germany Founder & former CEO Debjit D. Chaudhuri and Traxpay Founder Michael Rundshagen etc. 

Just a few months after its foundation savedroid already closed a partnership deal with Wirecard Bank and delivered the first mobile app with a fully deposit secured savings account. Not much later, savedroid launched a credit card so that saved money can be spent easily to purchase the desired wishes.

Introduction of the Savedroid Platform

Saving money does not feel like a cool thing to do, especially not for the young. This Savedroid changed this by connecting the action of saving with people's lifestyles. With corporate ICO, this approach is now extended to cryptocurrencies.
Many people know that it makes sense to set aside money in theory. Desire needs financing. But in real life, saving is pretty boring and difficult and has a big drawback: putting money aside for big targets in the future prevents me from buying lots of small items right away.

Service features provided by the Savedroid platform

  • Savedroid will make an application that is easily accessible to all people, which can be downloaded and installed in various smartphones. This gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy their service and start joining the cryptocurrency community.
  • The Savedroid platform runs easily, simply and automatically so that everyone both new and old who join will easily understand and use their platform.
  • Applications installed on your mobile phone that you always bring wherever gives you the opportunity to make financial transactions as well as saving will be easy and promising to continue to add the purse - the coffers of your cryptocurrency wealth.

The Benefits For Savedroid Users is (SVD)

For users and in the SVD ecosystem that the savedroid user wants to use for the savedroid AI triggers crypto savings and service investments as outlined below. Utilizing process technical support, savedroid wants to enable all users, especially those who did not initially participate in ITS, or buy SVD on the market through the savedroid ecosystem.
Fiat currents and Cryptocurrencies and Savedroid's costs are illustrated in the figure below:


The ICO has been selling out quickly with a lot of interest. The main part of the project that I like is that the team already have a working product that should be easy to advance to be able to handle crypto. Most of the team members have a lot of experience working with similar projects also.

The token will be the sole method of payment on the platform which should see the demand for it keep rising which will then push the price up.
They also state in their whitepaper that they plan to have the token listed on exchanges soon after the token sale finishes.

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