What is SocialMedia.Market?

SocialMedia.Market is an ecosystem designed to enable social media influencers / bloggers and advertisers to create a decentralized market that will make the interaction between the two much more convenient and transparent through a series of Blockchain tools and technologies. Ideally, technology will make the marketing process more affordable, less risky, and more practical for everyone involved.

The official site of the ICO is SocialMedia. Market here offers an explanation as to why they believe that their ICO is positioned at the forefront of a potentially lucrative and growing area. The site claims, using certain figures to support their statement, that social media watchers and influencer marketing can create $ 11.69 in return for every $ 1 incurred.

They feel that influencers marketing is the future of marketing, using the Google trends index to show that influencer marketers have grown exponentially over the last few years, with no signs of slowing down.

The SocialMedia.Market concept was created in mid-2017 and has scheduled launch for the first quarter of 2019. In the first quarter of 2020, they aim to achieve a $ 80 million turnover spent by agencies and brands. WOW very interesting is not it.

How Does It Work?

Evidence purchased will provide payment methods for brand-agreed contracts and influencers and promises easy and secure transactions between the parties. They will also offer rewards for those who participate in resolving disputes between others.

The value of bloggers and social media providers is that they will be able to gain direct access to brands and businesses to gain potential opportunities to create content or campaigns to develop their profiles and build valuable business relationships, with this blogger no longer feel overwhelmed by the variety kind of questions. In addition, it opens up opportunities to generate more revenue or donations that are acceptable to influencers. They can also gain access to tools that can help develop their channel and profile, as well as analyze and measure their audience.

Well on the other hand, from this condition we will receive insights and personal assistance from influencers in creating advertising or developing campaigns that effectively and efficiently reach out to their potential customers. Agencies can collect commissions within the platform, and both brands and agencies can purchase tools for analysis and research purposes.

According to recent researches, brands that used influencer strategies reported an average return of $11.69 for every dollar spent. Furthermore, that 92% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand that advertises using Influencer Marketing. More over, it is more cost-effective than paid advertising and leads to more credible brand recommendations. For these reasons, Influencer Marketing has arguably became the most effective long term marketing strategy.

Despite the quick growth and development, the Influencer Marketing industry is highly opaque and chaotic with no regulations and an army of agents and scammers. This causing inefficiency in pricing, while agent fees and fraud consume a large portion of the influencer’s revenue and the brands’ marketing budgets.

SocialMedia.Market  is designed to solve these problems by making Influencer Marketing an accessible, transparent and competitive marketplace that will open opportunities for thousands of influencers and brands all over the globe, forming targeted audience exposure and engaging consumers in the most relevant and efficient way.

SocialMedia.Market: 10 Influencers Who Rule Pinterest

The world of visuals became much easier to reach when Instagram and Pinterest were launched. Those two social media are very far from being similar, though both deal with images. While Instagram is focused on liking photos and showing everyday life, Pinterest is more about collecting pictures that caught your attention. You might think Pinterest is not really popular and will be wrong. Pinterest has more than 175 million active users monthly. There are over 50 billion of pins on Pinterest and more than 1 billion boards. People use it to find inspiration, business ideas and just to waste time. More than 60% of all pins represent brands and products and 87% of user purchased some stuff because of Pinterest.
If you are new to Pinterest and don’t know where to go — here are 10 most popular influencers on Pinterest. If you want to start an influencer campaign on Pinterest, following their boards is a must.

1. Joy Cho / Oh, Joy

Followers number: more than 12.6 million
Number of pins: more than 15.3 thousand
Joy Cho, a designer, blogger and food enthusiast, curates the most popular blog in Pinterest and manages one of the top boards — “Recipes”. Her account is full of bright photos of art, fashion stuff, home design and, of course, food.

2. Marian Rizzo

Followers number: more than 8.9 million
Number of pins: more than 110 thousand
Marian describes herself as a passionate interior designer with an eye for all things beautiful. Her boards show outstanding design ideas and are something like an interior design encyclopedia.

3. Bekka Palmer

Followers number: more than 8.5 million
Number of pins: more than 13.6 thousand
Bekka is a Brooklyn photographer and textile artist, whose Pinterest account show all the divine things that could be found on Pinterest. She became so popular thanks to her “things to do” board, featuring more than 800 checklists of what every active human being should do during its lifetime.

4. Poppytalk

Followers number: more than 8.1 million
Number of pins: more than 20 thousand
This account was created by founders of a blog about design and fashion. Their boards show houses, interiors, clothes, make up, hair design, flowers and food — everything that is beautiful in everyday life.

5. Jane Wang

Followers number: more than 7.7 million
Number of pins: more than 47 thousand
In the account description she considers herself to be a chinstrap penguin from Antarctica. She has several boards showing cute things — toys, book characters and nice animals, but she became such a popular influencer thanks to delicious food photos with recipes board, called “Delicious”.

6. Bonnie Tsang

Followers number: more than 7 million
Number of pins: more than 17 thousand
Bonnie is an editorial and commercial photographer and concentrates on home design. Her boards show trendy colors, surprising everyday life tips and sophisticated furniture.

7. Molly Pickering

Followers number: more than 6.8 million
Number of pins: more than 10 thousand
Molly has only 12 boards and still is one of the most followed Pinterest influencer. The most popular her board is “fashion your seatbelts”, but the others also have lots of subscribers, because she collects pictures of film-making, pets, books and traveling.

8. Pejper

Followers number: more than 6.8 million
Number of pins: more than 13 thousand
All boards of Sophia and Anna account show minimalistic, elegant and sophisticated pictures. Both founders are from Sweden and focus their Pinterest blog on Scandinavian design and men fashion.

9. HonestlyWTF

Followers number: more than 5.9 million
Number of pins: more than 26.7 thousand
Erica Chan Hoffman, curator of this account collects on her boards everything that makes her think “Honestly… wtf?”. Her approach is popular, so she has lots of followers and fans.

10. Veanad

Followers number: more than 5.2 million
Number of pins: more than 1.6 thousand
This Pinterest account is focused on women stuff. Nothing redundant — only 8 boards, showing clothes, jewelry, hair and make-up tips. All the images are elegant, fancy and therefore — popular.
So, now, when you are inspired enough by other popular influencers — it’s time to start your own Pinterest blog. The amount of images is enormous and you will easily find material and followers for every type of niche.

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