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What is SocialMedia.Market it?

Before you have to know in advance, what is meant by this socialmediamarket, well let's discuss before we discuss the subject.

In order to bypass adblock, companies/agencies have been researching for digital marketing alternatives. Recently, SocialMedia.Market, a marketing platform, adopted Influencer Marketing as its strategy. The objective is to have brands and products incorporated organically into content from real people. This provides authenticity to the content because real people are endorsing products or services to an audience that has previously subscribed or followed.

Influencer Marketing, defined, is “a form of marketing in which the focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole”. Society has seen celebrities, bloggers and journalists sharing their own content while building a solid user base of like-minded people. Consequently, advertisers have found opportunities to employ digital influencers that have the potential to motivate followers in the industry where their buying decisions are concerned.

SocialMedia.Market aims to connect publishers and advertisers on a single platform. The project will leverage the Ethereum blockchain in order to create a decentralized ecosystem that will discover, create, perform and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers across any social media platform. The blockchain technology will allow the creation of a public and agile platform with an advertising marketplace accessible to everyone, even to up-and-coming influencers, startups and small businesses.

Features and Benefits of SocialMedia.Market

There is a beta version of SocialMedia.Market that can be tried through their website so potential users can get an idea of what to expect. Aside from that, the users gain access to fraud protection and can expect to see their operational costs decline. Also, the dispute solution system offers those who participate in it rewards.
One of the primary benefits of the platform will be the way in which influencers and brands can conduct business with one another. Transparency is provided to both side during the discussion aspects of contracts, and they claim that is will make transactions between the two parties safer and faster, with more direct communication. The specific view of what the discussion tools look like are not provided, however. After contracts and payment is agreed upon, the platform also offers easy payment methods that can be sent all over the globe.
Perhaps the most enticing aspect of the platform is that it will make engagement between brands and influencers/bloggers easier than ever. Locating the right brand or influencer for your needs can take forever and ne quite expensive, but the marketplace of SocialMedia.Market eliminates so much of the guesswork, so the entire process is more efficient.

Recommendations rule the world of commerce. People tend to buy products that are recommended by others. Almost 90% of customers check the comments about stuff they want to buy and rely on the opinion of friends and relatives. That’s why influencer marketing became such a powerful tool in the advertising market. Influencers are modern social media celebrities who are sometimes more popular than pop-stars and actors. Their followers love everything the blogger or vlogger love and unobtrusive advertisement made in a social media channel gains an amazing results.
In the current state, companies can’t ignore influencer marketing and marketers add it to their marketing strategies. Nevertheless,not every brand receives profit from social media advertising. It happens because unexperienced marketers often don’t take into consideration specific features of influencer marketing. You could avoid the most common mistakes after going through this list of tips we’ve gathered for you.

Don’t sell, offer information

That is the most frequent and the most dramatic mistake. A social media channel is not an advertising platform, so you can’t just push your product through it. Direct advertisement won’t work here. If you only focus on your product — you will fail and customers will become more distrustful of your brand. Instead of trying to sell something — try to show the audience something useful. Give something to customers — interesting life hacks, tips, insights, and unique information. If people see that you not only try to gain profit but do your best to be useful to them, they will be more indulgent to a lite product promotion.

Know your audience

You have to define your audience very clearly before starting to spend money on influencer marketing. You have to know who are your perfect customers, what age and gender are they, what do they like, what sphere do they work in, and many other details. You have to imagine a person, that will be your devoted buyer and address all your messages to that person in words and shapes that will be most understandable to them. Without understanding your audience, you will come only to a waste of time and money.

Pick the right channel

This mistake often comes in a pack with a previous one. You will reach customers only when you are broadcasting your message on the channel that will be heard by the target audience. If you don’t really know your target audience or missed to choose the right channel — the brand’s visibility will remain low. Generation Z representatives could be found mostly on Instagram, Facebook will do best for Generation X and Millennials. Investigate what channel does your audience prefer to consume to hit the bull’s eye.

Connect with an influencer

Influencer’s channel is the main cannon of your brand’s warship, but the other, lesser cannons have to support it to gain success in the campaign. When influencers post something about you — repost it on your social media. Use influencers content in other promotions. Take everything the influencer can give you and use it to expand your reach and your influencer’s audience. The more popular your main cannon is — the better it is for your brand.

Avoid expecting too much

You won’t see a result the next day the influencer advertising campaign starts. The chance to see the exponential growth of sales after a week of working with influencers is not very realistic. You have to understand that you won’t face immediate results, so you have to be patient. The influencer marketing main goal is to create a long-lasting tight connection between you and your customers. Influencer advertising campaign will increase your brand’s awareness that will bring you lots of profit in a long-term perspective.

Pay attention to the tech task

If you think that the influencer can understand what you need without any detailed explanations — you’re digging yourself a hole. You need to have a detailed tech task and know for sure what do you need and when do you need it. If an influencer does not understand their part — this is not only their fault but yours too. Make sure that you and your influencers understand each other clearly — it will save you lots of money and efforts.

Don’t ignore measurements

The only way to evaluate your advertising campaign efficiency is to check measurable rates. The number of your company’s account followers, amount of daily visitors to your website, sales increase — by measuring those you will understand whether your efforts bring the results or not. Do the measurements every two weeks to have a clear picture of your campaign dynamics and perspectives.
Maintaining influencer marketing campaigns is as complicated as any digital advertising process. It needs time, efforts, and constant attention. However, if you do everything right — your brand’s visibility will increase sufficiently and the number of sales will grow.
SocialMedia.Market is the first decentralized marketplace connecting social media bloggers and advertisers. A solution to the major influencer marketing problems, it creates new opportunities for content monetization, community engagement and audience exposure. The new ecosystem, driven by blockchain technology and social media token, will simplify marketing interaction between business and influencers.

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