Have you heard about a Blockchain powered Manufacturing System? In this review we will cover the SyncFab project. They are decentralizing the manufacturing industry through direct transactions between buyers and hardware manufacturers on the blockchain. They are the first blockchain token in Manufacturing industry and are reshaping supply chain management through a public, direct peer to peer manufacturing ecosystem.

If you are a hardware manufacturer, through Syncfab you can have buying directly connect to your manufacturing facility and facilitate payments between the two parties. Payments to one another are guaranteed through SyncFab smart contracts and give the owners full control over pricing and capabilities of the deal. 

Currently in the manufacturing industry companies have to hire procurement brokers and agents just to search and order specific parts and pay out finders fees to brokers who can source parts efficiently. However, with blockchain technology Syncfab can create direct business relationships between manufacturers and suppliers.

SyncFab is already in the business

Undoubtedly, ICO for projects is an opportunity to realize ideas for which there are no means. Thanks to crowd-hosting, "smart" household appliances, many gadgets and simply platforms for effective charity were created.
But, it's always interesting to see how an existing project develops with the help of crowd-framing, wanting to make its product better and deliver it to a wider range of users. All this, of course, about SyncFab.
SyncFab is a business launched in 2013, which helps owners of CNC equipment, find a customer and a buyer for their products. All this works very simply, and sheds some light on what SyncFab will become in the future.
"Make Smart, Make Local and Make Clean." - this is one of the mottos of the project team. The essence of the platform is that the user does not have to search for a manufacturer with that or another type of CNC machine, in order to develop the necessary details. He simply passes a simple registration, indicates where and what master he needs and can contact the one he liked to discuss the details of the work.
Do not waste time and money on those you saw in advertising, or advised by friends - both sources may not be entirely truthful. No one needs to take any word for it - every producer has a rating that customers create for him. Moreover, thanks to the SyncFab platform, you can track the entire production process - from the shipment of materials, to the delivery of the finished product to you.

Token is a token used on the SyncFab platform to reward buyers and manufacturers, make payments, protect intellectual property, increase trust and transparency through the execution of smart contracts on the unit. Its main functions are:
Create unique auctions to encourage manufacturers to make faster quotes with MFG. 
MFG loyalty awards can be offered for consecutive repeated orders. 
Buyers qualify using the mandatory MFG token. 
Manufacturers can provide discounts using MFG tokens.


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