Blocking ... How many different ways of using is for this technology. There have already been a lot of interesting projects and the most diverse spheres of application: logistics, social networks, financial instruments and so on. All of them are united by the fact that with the help of the blockade, decentralization is introduced.
which is so necessary in our world, when one can never be sure of the reliability of the data. This is especially true for those areas of business or industry where strict and accurate reporting and databases are required. Is not it? A decentralized solution for this is the startup SyncFab.


Production of complex mechanized products (including serial) is a very labor-intensive process, that from the technological and production sides, and from the logistics of components for the final product. As a rule, all the constituent elements of a single product produced by this enterprise are not produced in one place, therefore there is a whole network of sub-contractors, which provides the manufacturing process with everything necessary.


The use of blockage will allow to introduce into the existing structures a decentralization, where each of the links will be responsible only for their work, providing all the necessary information "at first hand", excluding interference of external forces. An additional advantage is that the entire production chain will be transparent, so that the end user will be assured of the quality of the purchased products.
The SyncFab startup presents its solution to the above-mentioned problem, it revolutionizes the production supply chain, linking buyers directly to the equipment manufacturers through the block system. This will eliminate intermediaries and brokers in order to reduce costs, respectively, the final cost to increase their income. The project will allow to directly connect to the equipment manufacturers, as well as provide easy tracking of production. 
The project also provides the opportunity to reduce marketing costs due to the fact that customers directly connect to your production facility. SyncFab guarantees payments through its own smart contracts, which will give you full control over your prices and opportunities.

The benefits will be from Syncfab

The Syncfab plan offers benefits to hardware innovators and hardware manufacturers.
For Manufacturers
  • Payment is guaranteed and guaranteed via Smart Contract (more optimal and efficient).
  • There are no overheads or additional processes that cause hassles.
  • Less marketing costs; Interested customers can connect to manufacturing facilities directly.
  • Price and other details are fully controlled and customized.

For Innovators
  • Purchase, tracking, and reordering efficiently on demand
  • Easy access to a wide range of reliable manufacturers in the network
  • A cheaper quote directly from a high quality source
  • All transactions and communications are secure and protected through smart contracts

My opinion about Syncfab

The causes of Syncfab are a good thing, and their goal to eliminate intermediaries in the relationships of manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers is what we think is achievable, and if successful, those changes can be part of the revolutionary movement in the supply chain industry. . 

While the idea behind this project is sound, only time will tell how to manage it after in the open for sure, especially with high fundraising and ambitious project objectives.


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