XiWATT's Collective Energy Platform (XiCE) is an online, Ethereal-based solution that enables private communities, individuals and investors to start and manage green energy projects.A platform for decentralized crowdfunding and trading of renewable energy assets, making green energy accessible to everyone. Powered by Blockchain technology. 

XiWatt's mission

The ability to overcome the complications described in the previous sections places the XiWATT team in a unique position. The team's goal is to use blockchain technology to prevent the renewables market from becoming monopolized. 

By leveraging Blockchain, XiWATT will enable investors, communities and individuals to participate in renewable energy projects and provide a decentralized marketplace for renewable energy sources.


Complete Freedom

All logistics involved with building and maintaining sectors is handled through the XiCE platform. User will no longer need to worry about the installation of solar panels (e.g. where they live, whether they have sufficient space, or if their HOA allows)

Lower Installation Cost

By allowing users to collectively contribute to large scale projects, all users benefit from lower installation costs due to economies of scale.

Cloud Net Metering

NRG tokens can be traded in for energy credits regardless of location and utility provider (through the use of a 3rd party billing system set-up in the XiCE platform)

Empowers Communities

XiWATT is empowering communities by providing various different mechanisms for communities to collectively participate in green energy production.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

An overall increase in production of green energy reduces the need of power generating facilities that rely on traditional mechanism like fossil fuels. This reduces the size of our carbon footprint.

Lower risk due to the ability to participate in multiple sectors across various geographic locations.

The XiWATT Platforms

XiWATT is developing two comprehensive renewable energy platforms that seek to transform the energy industry by enabling investors, individuals, and communities to participate in renewable energy projects. These platforms will connect their users to wholesale energy markets and create the infrastructure necessary for peer-to-peer trading of energy.

XIW Tokens

The XIW token is a standard ERC20 compliant token that will be distributed in the Token GenerationEvent (TGE). 500,000,000 XIW tokens will be minted; this will be the only time XIW  tokens are created. After the launch of the XiCE platform, XIW tokens distributed in the TGE remain in the possession of TGE participants and can be used by them and/or sold to potential XiCE platform users outside of the platform like any other ERC20 compliant token.

The XiCE ecosystem is divided into two groups of participants; the renewable energy project
developer and the customer. Both operate on distinct rules when it comes to the use of XIW tokens within the platform, which will be explained later in this section.


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