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Betex is a platform for the peer-to-peer binary options supported by the Ethereum smart contract. Well the binary option itself is a type of option based on a yes or no proposition. In other words. You have two options. When you trade binary options, you are required to predict the direction of price movements for the given assets at a given point in time. 

This form of trading is considered easier than Forex trading because you do not have to predict the magnitude of price changes; You just have to predict whether the price will go up or down within your own set time. Binary option trading started out as a great concept. This model reduces the risks associated with Forex trading because the probability of error is lower. Binary options peaked in popularity a few years ago, but lost some of the momentum lately. Let's look at the ICO Betex reviews.

Binary options have come under fire in the past, especially since blind brokers have tricked their users and tricked them into their money. Fraud comes in a variety of forms, ranging from dishonest brokers to rigged robots to fraudulent reviews. This is sure to be very detrimental to investors who participate in the broker, then whether it is a shady broker or a shady trading system ?, Traditional trading platform makes it difficult to find out who you can trust.

This situation has an adverse effect on the popularity of binary options. The Betex platform directly addresses the issues that cause the drop in the binary options. Betex recognizes that this is the right time and place for a change in the trading world.As for their goal is to usher in a new era of binary options trading, which is determined by the new standards for transparency. The result is a truly revolutionary peer-to-peer platform with unparalleled fairness and integrity.

What Makes Betex Different?

The merchant will always place a bet on existing products with the amount of time you have specified. This is what makes it a peer-to-peer system. Traders will never place bets on platform providers or intermediaries. Traditional models are inherently flawed. If a trader is betting against a broker, it is the broker's interest to the trader that will fail. This means as a trader, you must believe that the broker has integrity. 

History proves this is not a safe assumption that traders can do. Because Betex is built with blockchain technology, this platform offers more transparency than traditional trading platforms. They do this by providing users with access to real-time data and by keeping third parties out of the direct trading process. Merchants are all in the same game field. With traditional trading platforms, the trade process takes place in a closed manner, so this results in no transparency at all. Betex's transparent and decentralized approach ensures more justice in the betting process.

Another major difference is that the platform only takes 5% commission out of the total number of bets made. It is intended that to maintain the integrity of the company taking only 5% of the total amount of the bet you make, the User forms a collection of common brokers, where liquidity originates. This arrangement is unique, as this is the only platform in which as many as 95% of the total funds are distributed across the set of merchants who make the correct predictions. 
So for example you are betting on BTC / USD with a bet amount of 1 ETH, with calculations that you will get 1.95 ETH while 0.05 ETH as a fee or corporate tax. The commission is the same no matter what the bet.
Therefore, Betex has no incentive to manipulate the bet results. This provides a verifiable system of justice. In addition, trading is stored in the Ethereum blockchain, and therefore can be audited in real time. This makes it difficult for third parties to change outcomes, which in turn, also helps create a fairer trade environment.

Traditional trading platforms usually involve complexity in making deposits and withdrawals, both of which take time. Unlike Betex, the Betex platform does not require a deposit, and thanks to the use of smart contracts, withdrawals can be made instantly without having to wait long. This makes the process more convenient than other trading platforms. You receive a direct payment. Payments are automatically released by smart contract and go straight into your Ether wallet.

Token Betex

There are two kinds of tokens in the betex system are as follows:

The main Token is BETEX. The second token is a Stable Stake Token (SBT), which holds a stable value of $ 1.00. SBT is used in the betting process and payment to the winner. BETEX tokens are used for profit distribution - 100% platform advantage is distributed among holders of BETEX tokens.

Betex Interface

The Betex team created an interface that is clean and easy to use. Users will be able to access the trading platform via a web-based interface. However, a mobile and a desktop application are both in development. The process looks like this:

A trader selects an asset to bet on. Then, they choose among six intervals of time. They then choose an amount to bet. Lastly, they choose a direction (call or put). The process is quick and simple.

The interface is organized into blocks. The header block tells you your balance. The asset block shows a list of available trading pairs. The composite rate block shows you the trade volume of the asset you chose on the major exchanges. Other blocks on the interface will show you the historical changes of your asset’s composite rate and the strike rate. Two other blocks will let you select your time interval and input your bet amount.

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The Betex platform should bring new life into the field of binary options trading. They have painstakingly developed a system that is founded on transparency, honesty, and fairness. In doing so, their users will now have a safe way to trade binary options without having to worry about scammers and deceitful trading methods.

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recommended icoThe Betex team is committed to continuously developing and improving their platform as a way to ensure the quality for its users and as a way to draw in new users. During the first quarter of 2018, the company will undergo testing on its mobile device applications for Android and IOS. They will also test their desktop application. In the second quarter, they will work on developing an application programming interface for trading bots. During this quarter, the tokens will be distributed and the mobile and desktop apps will launch. By early 2019, the company plans to expand out into the global market. Betex aims to become the new global leader in binary options trading. It is the right time for a new system of binary options trading to come along that can allow the innovative trading method to realize the promise it showed when it first came on the scene. No other company is in a better position to reinvigorate the binary options trading field.

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