HOTTO – A New Era of Vacation

HOTTO – A New Era of Vacation 

What is HOTTO ?
HOTTO is a New Concept of Next-Gen Hotel, Resort, and Vacation Package Blockchain-Based. They provide Hotel, Resort and Vacation Package online booking through their Web or Mobile App. The main idea is to provide the Cryptocurrency Community and to introduced to the others the convenience to enjoy their Vacation through Cryptocurrencies.
HOTTO made from an ERC-20 token ethereum-based platform smart contractThe finite amount of HOTTO limits supply in the face of ever increasing demand by travelers. HOTTO Platform will make a cooperation with many hotels, resorts and recreation places to make your holiday more amazing & wonderful.
Through HOTTO, Users will experience seamlessly across advance/user friendly applications on multiple devices.
Is There Any Benefits ?
YesHOTTO Platform will deliver 3 kind of benefits : for Business, to Investors, and to Guests. 

How HOTTO Platform Works ?
  1. Register
First, you need to register. It’s a basic data record information.
  1. KYC
Then, you need to confirm your information. KYC or as we know “Know Your Customer” it’s a common thing that you need to do for confirmation like upload your passport or driver license.
  1. Search and Find
After your KYC approved, you can start your search for Hotel, Resort and Vacation Package.
  1. Price
The List will show price for each hotel in Fiat and HOTTO.
  1. Promo
After choose your hotel, resort or vacation package, you can insert your voucher promo code if you have it.
  1. HACS
HACS is Hotto Automation Convert System. They called it like that because it will convert your fiat or other cryptocurrencies to HOTTO Token. The system will connect with their exchange partner and automatically exchange it to Hotto. So Hotto will always have demand.
  1. Point
You will get points from every successful payment ( from your referral too ), which you can exchange it later for discount, voucher or goods.
  1. Issued
After your successful payment, you will get your voucher issued.
  1. Enjoy
After your vouched issued, you can enjoy you vacation.

How HACS (Hotto Automation Convert System) Works :
1. HOTTO API will collect HOTTO Token prices from all of HOTTO exchange partner
2. HOTTO API will convert the price to HOTTO Token based on the cheapest HOTTO Token price from exchange partner
3. HOTTO API will run it’s smart-contract to buy HOTTO Token from selected exchange partner
4. With HACS you don’t need to convert all of your fiat or cryptocurrencies to HOTTO
5. HOTTO Token will always have demand


Hotto Token Details

ICO Details

How to buy HOTTO (HT) :

  • How to buy HOTTO (HT) :
  • 1. Ensure you have at least 0.01 ETH plus GAS fee in your ERC-20 Supported Wallet (Not From Exchange)
  • 2. Set GAS = 100,000, GWEI = 15 or check for every new transaction 
  • 3. Send ETH only to this contract address : 0xc6C50C840d7f894b854f93A61FEA7f139BeB9Dda
  • 4. Done — Your HT and Bonus will be automatically send to your wallet.


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