The world is turning to global village rapidly with evidence to show for it where transactions can be made in trans-border with a couple of hours or few days and the Block chain industry is a pace setter for developing and revolutionizes the economic across the nations of the world this is why one of the most riches and respect man name warren buffet says “cryptcurrency is the future and is here to stay “ and also many anticipated the trading of stock , forex , gold will be replace with trading of digital asset such as Bitcoin and Altcoin that have been listed on the coinmarketcap in recent times . the crypto market capitalize have experience a upward surge in price with a breaking record of more 700billion US dollar at according to report carried out in the year 2017.

This huge capitalization calls for a transparent and secure platform for trading of crypto asset, and in this midst of curiosity from the mainstream is the DAXICO that built centralized exchange that serve like the banking sector where traders can trade their crypto asset in a define ecosystem with a simple graphics interface for users to easily trade without encountering hitches.

DAXICO which is robust centralized exchange support a lot of blockchain smart contract not only just the popular smart contract like the ERC-20 but also other blockchain technology such the NEO , TRX ,EOS, STELLAR and many more anticipated blockchian smart contract like ADA CARDONA etc in the future to come .


Managing of crypto asset can be very tedious and time consuming which lead too many crypto asset be lost on the long run especially for investors that is managing big portfolio. To solve this issue for both investors and trader the DAXICO team built an a sophisticated and robust exchange develop on the state of the art facilities to meet this need by allowing multi-user access to single account . 

This features on the exchange will help fund manager to manage crypto asset within their reach effectively. This simply means users can dedicated their family members, friend, relative and financial advisors etc. to manage their account for them. this is just simply the same way the banks dedicated member of their staff to manager a current or saving account for their customer but what makes DAXICO different from the mode of operations is that users of account will be the one to choose any body to manage their account if they need more assistance specially whenever they have other financial activities such as jobs to attend to.


P2p system
The DAXICO exchange is system that allows peer to peer transactions, this makes users of the platform to more flexible while trading on the exchange this simply means you can transfer fund without any charge from peer to peer unlike other exchanges on the crypto industry that have rate of transactions fees.

Multiple support team
the DAXICO In considering the importance of customer develop her human resources in handling technical challenges that trader might encounter and fix them instantly without delay . The support team are proactive and active to their duties and

Multiple storage system for crypto asset
The ecosystem of DAXICO integrated storage facilities on the exchange is have been proven to highly secure and recommended for storage of crypto asset.


Looking at the most discuss topic in the Bitcointalk forum and other crypto related news channel know your customer is key topic popularly know ad KYC /AML. Studies have proven that most exchanges that have been hacked in the recent time the users identities were also stolen and also used for forward cybercriminal activities and in other to prevent this from happening the DAXICO profound a solution which ia benefit for trading on the DAXICO platform in the following ways

  • There are no emails require during the course of registration
  • There are no phone numbers require on the exchange
  • No KYC of kind is require

How do you recover and secure your account

  • Only two factors authentication is require such as the google authenticator
  • Mnemonics seed are used to secure and recover account in case of users forgot password


The DAXICO exchange has its own token which is a native token of the exchange called the “DAXI” token which currently worth 10 cent in USD. This token is pegged to other crypto asset that is listed on the exchange and can be easily be traded and more over it can also be traded with USDT any given time with ease.

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