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SaTT Token is a blockchain platform for advertising campaigns. It will give users the opportunity to promote their products and services on their own, without intermediaries. SaTT will let bring the information directly to potential consumers but not to indifferent persons.

SaTT is an ERC-223 type utilitarian token managed by a smart -contract. SaTT Token implements smart contacts, where you can enter all the parameters of advertising campaigns. For example, you can set the target audience of the promotion, select possible repeaters, choose the Oracle campaign that assesses the effectiveness and protect user data.

SaTT through the smart contract will communicate with third party APIs to quantify and evaluate the performance of campaigns and the amount of transactions that took place during the campaign, to automatically define the amount to be paid to the publisher. Using the blockchain technology, malfunctions or hacks on a particular campaign is not going to affect the rest of the campaigns on the platform. Payments on the SaTT platform are quick and carries no transactions fee.

How it works?

Every advertiser by using SaTT Smart Contract can create advertising campaigns whose conditions for participation and results will be stored in distributed decentralized records (blockchain). It will be much safe and comfortable!

The main functions for advertisers:

Selecting the relevant publishers
All transaction with SaTT Smart Contract will be validated only with the next conditions:

So that’s mean that advertiser have power to define criteria for partner participation in a campaign.

Quantifying the results of an advertising campaign
On the platform everyone will use SaTT Smart Contract and it will communicate with third-party APIs to quantify the performance of campaigns and evaluate the amount of the transaction.

So every advertiser will have opportunity to choose between third party apps depending on its objective and existing datas.

Building trust, preventing fraud

Thats mean that any falsification – is impossible!
Last time it the most important feature because of too much manipulations and fakes on the market!

SaTT ensures integrity of the billing data and payments without any possibility of falsification.

Reducing costs, speeding up transactions
SaTT promised to make payments are immediate as long as the success criteria are met. Also there no minimum monthly billing.

A complete and decentralized tool to govern advertising transactions

SaTT Token Transaction Conditions

Transactions through the SaTT smart contracts are only validated if certain preset conditions are met. They include:

If the affiliate meets the criteria, age, sex, audience or city.

The publisher of the advertisement has launched the advertising campaign and the defined oracle returns the result statistics.

Automatic execution of transaction happens as soon as the oracle returns the statistics and the SaTT amount is transferred to the publishers.

SaTT provides an easy-to-use, powerful and fast tool to advertisers who would like to maximize the penetration of their message. The tool identifies the most appropriate medium of communication, the best potential partners and facilitates the broadcasting of advertisements according to the advertiser’s performance objectives.

SaTT will also help publishers in identifying the content for their audience that is profitable and relevant.

SaTT will have a PayBySaTT function installed in the application store, which will make SaTT liquid. The application will allow SaTT holders to purchase exclusive products or services using SaTT and attend or organize events reserved for SaTT holders.


Instead of lengthy speeches about the prospects of the project, we will say only one thing: it took less than a day to collect HardCap on SaTT Token Pre-Sale. This proves that users are seriously interested in such a platform as SaTT Token, and are ready to invest in it.

More information about the SaTT project can be found in the official sources:

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