Wise Powering IoT & M2M Economy


What is Wise?

Based in Costa Rica, Wise is an innovative developer of the signal-analog-mixed-chip system that creates an eco-system that enables the IoT application universe and mobile devices to use distributed ledger technology while being supported by integration - product development circles. Enter this ecosystem by getting our ERC20 token.

Ansuz Chip

Ansuz Chip, is an innovative development of an integrated analog-on-a-chip (AMS-SoC) signal circuit that empowers IoT and cellular networks through the 13 nanometer IC that introduces a new concept of practical, IoT radio-based mesh networks.


Top Nanotek
1/2 billion transistors are allocated in space of 13 nano-meters. Easy to pin on any device.

Bank Encryption
Three-layer security which includes:
  • Order Confusion
  • 1024 Encryption Key
  • Honey Encryption
Overcoming Content

Use content instead of hosts to find resources, enabling high durability similar to IPFS.

Layered Platform
  • Ansuz (HW)
  • AI (SW) engine
  • Wise (Utility Token)

Energy saving
Can be powered for two months with only a few AAA batteries.

Low latency
The AI ​​machine allows High Transaction Throughput to easily exceed 5000 Transactions per Second.

Blockchain Integration
Able to interact on the blockchain with low-level Middleware that triggers interoperability and fast transactions.

Complete Bloat Blockchain
Through strong compression and a lot of storage space provided by Flash and Cache memory can save up to 40Tbs.

Open Data Silo
We believe in free data streams that allow B2B features such as access to various types of data: Geo-location, Medical, Weather.

Use the Case

In Smart Cities, digitally activated cars or trucks can:

Find Parking Lots to quickly use automatic payments quickly, and cause savings when you pay for what you use. Toll will also be in the same category and ease of service.

Supply Chain Logistics
Supply Chain Logistics can eliminate intermediaries to be more effective and save resources.

Regular containers require:
  • Manufacturer
  • QA
  • Tracking
  • Customs
  • Document

These requirements will be changed and improved allowing M2M connections.

Activating the Data Market
Data Silo Case.

The data market is activated by holding 2 propositions as true:
  • Every IoT device has data that is useful for someone
  • You can trust data (ledger technology - without trust)

For example, a farmer can access data in the Market Data about:
  • Sensors Monitor Climate Conditions
  • Automation of GreenHouse that adjusts the conditions with the given parameters
  • Crop Management
  • Animal Control
  • Automation of GreenHouse that adjusts the conditions with the given parameters

Farmers can use this data to improve their settings or sell their own operating data on the market.

Token Distribution


Q1? 2016, Q2 2018
Design, prototype & engineer Secure memory chips under the blockchain concept.

Q2-Q3 2018
Wise joined the Secure Memory Chip project. Project initiates, design & development for launch were prepared.

Q4 2018
Web infrastructure is prepared, initial development of smart contracts and tokens is carried out.

Q1-Q2 2019
Private sales of WSE tokens. The ICO list starts in May 2019.

Q3 2019
Public sales for WSE tokens begin. Initiates are global reach.

Q4 2019
The Wise Network platform with Secure Memory chips. ICO Development.

Q1 2020
Technology development and Wise Network and SM Chip integration.

Q2 2020
Final Test & Total integration. ICO development ends. WSE integration starts.

Q3 2020
Starts SM Chips Production.

Q4 2020
Development of a strategic marketing plan.

Q1 2021
Commercialization begins. Sales and positioning of WSE initiates.

Q2-Q4 2021
South American launch. Cell, tablet and computer testing starts.

Q1-Q3 2022
The Wise Network arrives in Europe with a strategic alliance.

Q4 2022
Integration throughout the world with the exception of Asia.

Q1-Q3 2023
Introduction in Asia. Trade agreements together with electronics & transportation.

Q4 2023
Wise Network and SM Chip announced the development of their own devices & applications.


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