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     Hi guys, thanks for visiting AsaCrypto Info where you can get a piece of information about cryptocurrency in real time. So today I want to explain to all of you my fellow reader about this one platform called Bountyhub, this site is a Bounty Management Platform a place where you can join a bounty campaign without much effort to organize all the campaign you join. Just pick a bounty you like from the Bounty List and do the task that listed there. This platform also has so many Crypto Airdrops in it, take a look at it and gain some money for your self.

     So, after reading a short introduction from me above do you guys interested to join the Bountyhub Platform? If not let me explain to all of you the advantages of this platform compared to regular bounty hunting. First of all, it's completely automatic for tracking and validation of tasks just do the task and wait, they have confirmed day to check your task its start from one day and up to 7 days, depends on what campaign you join. And on this platform, you don't need to make any report like filling a form and check a spreadsheet just to make sure you already joined the campaign or not, totally simple and not complicated at all.

     If you are a Bounty Hunter just signup at Bountyhub platform by clicking this link you will be redirected to the login page, just type your email, complete the captcha, and click "Get Authorization Code" button. See the image below :

Check your email and put the confirmation code you receive and click login. After you log in, you will be moved to the dashboard and this pop up will be shown.

I suggested you join their telegram channel, cause there will be some important announcements news etc. And if you have something in your mind you can always ask there cause at their channel the admin will be happy to answer all your questions. Just close that if you don't want to join their telegram channel.

Anyway, the dashboard will look like this :

From the image above you can see all the campaign that listed on bountyhub platform, just pick what campaign you like and see the details, they have a different kind of campaign for each project you can join such as Bitcointalk campaign where you put a signature and posting a post at bitcointalk forum, discord, linkedin, youtube, medium, Reddit and slack. They also have social media campaigns like twitter, facebook, and Instagram.

Let's choose one campaign and take a look at the details, I will click on bountyhub campaign itself to be set as an example for you.

you will see the details of that campaign after you click it, its basically all information about that project, such as token price, website, white paper, the budget for that campaign and in how many days that campaign will end. If you like that campaign just hit the "join the campaign" button there.

after you click join all the campaign available will show up, you can choose what campaign you like at the right corner of the page, for example, let's click facebook campaign. This pop up will show up for every campaign you take :

So guys,  you need to remember that you have 24 hours to complete the task. If the task not completed within 24 hours it will be canceled and returned back to the campaign task list.

Click the share button and log in with your facebook. After that, you will see something like the image below, that's mean you just need to wait until you get paid. From verifying to paid only take 24 hours, but before you receive the token/coin in your balance you need to reconfirm after you reconfirm the token/coin will be seen in your account.

You can see all the token/coin you receive from bounty in balance section.

But remember you need to add the wallet that compatible with the token/coin before you can withdraw them, most of it will be erc20 token so your own ethereum address should do the job.

     That's all for bounty hunters, but if you are not a bounty hunter you still can use bountyhub platform, as a place to publish your campaign. How to publish your own campaign at bountyhub? just click this link they have a motto like this "Set and achieve new goals using Bountyhub Engine with the help of customers in exchange for points, vouchers, physical of digital goods of your business".

That's all from me and the conclusion of this article is :
Bountyhub it’s a Digital targeted promoting platform that helps your product or service to achieve a specifically outlined and profiled audience for every specific want. With Bountyhub you'll simply regulate and manage all the promoting campaigns associated with each crypto and classical comes. Targeted promoting will probably facilitate your save time and cash on your marketing and lead generation expenses. rather than the high-ticket of the high volume scattered impact that masses promoting will typically generate, targeted promoting permits you to obviously outline your distinctive worth to your target market an additional personal and effective manner. Your strategy and designing should be comprehensive, nice style, a transparent message & nice copy is important.

And this all the detail you need to do your own research before joining this platform as a bounty hunter or as a company, such as the team member and contact

Twitter: @bountyhub_io
Tel: +41 (0) 41 660 9421
Fax: +41 (0) 41 660 9422

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