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Hi guys, welcome back to Today I would like to make a review about BetHash. So BetHash is one of the best EOS dapps in gambling category that offer you a high dividend.
As we know there lots of crypto gambling platform today, and why you should choose BetHash? The reason is simple, fairness. They state that their website is the most provably fair online casino in the world. I quote directly from their site:
Satoshi-Style Fair: We do NOT control the results, blockchain DOES.
Now we know that the site is fair, what kind of game they have at their site? Of course like any other crypto gambling site, they have a dice game the most favorite game we all crypto gambler love. But what else? They also have Lottery, Blackjack, and Slot also Baccarat and Jack or Better which still in the pipeline.

To play at BetHash you have to register first. But if you have scatter on your desktop you can log in immediately using it, me my self prefer to log in using scatter and use my own EOS account, if you don't have any EOS account it's better to register there. We all know that to play on dapps we need an EOS account, but not here at BetHash.

But wait, there's more. Just because BetHash running on EOS blockchain that doesn't mean this site only accepts EOS as a betting currency, they also accept BTC, ETH, TRX, IOST, and LYNX. Nice right? You can play using many currencies on one site and play some different game.

Oh, have I mentioned the dividend? Did you know you can earn passive income daily just by holding Hash? That easy, you can get hash by buying it using hpoint, and you can get 1 hpoint for free at Bethash just by wagering equivalent of 10 USDT. For example, your total wager is 100 USDT you will get 10 hpoint. Just go to dividend page and use that hpoint you get for buying hash. All HASH holders will share the bonus pool in proportionate. The Distribution of the daily bonus happens everyday at UTC 1:00.


And you better hurry cause the starting price of each round will increases. Within each round, the price will increase by 1 HPOINT for every 10,000 HASH sold.

BetHash also has something called Level Up Giftbox, when you reach a certain level you can claim your rewards, the reward itself is a cryptocurrency you can choose between BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX,  and IOST. You can get a total of 168.000 TRX in total or any other currency you chose. You can claim your first reward when you reach level 4, the next reward when you reach level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and the last reward will be at level 60. You can see the details for the reward at the picture below:

But, how exactly you can level up at BetHash? This maybe a little hard if you want to go to level 60. You can earn XP in two different ways, first of course by betting at BetHash and the second way is by inviting your friends to bet at BetHash. For every 10 USDT or equivalent value of any supported cryptocurrencies you wager at Bethash you will get 1 EXP you can see the image below so you can fully understand how much EXP you need to reach level 60.

Not just Level Up Giftbox you get from level up at bethash, but also VIP benefit. The Higher your exp the more reward you'll earn. And your referral commission will also grow.
This how that's work :
Player Rewards = 3% * (Current Lv)/ 60 
Bonus HPoint Percentage = 10% * (Current Lv)/60
Commission Rebate = 12% * (Current Lv)/60
Remember I told you earlier about you don't need an EOS account to play at BetHash? well worry no more my friends, for VIP 3 and above, the eos account will be permanently owned by the player. For VIP 5 and above, the player will be able to download the active key of the eos account.

Just it from me today, I already explain to you all about BetHash, don't forget to leave a comment down below if you have some questions about BetHash, will be happy to answer it. So if you decide to play at BetHash just click the link below. See yall later!!

To Know more about BetHash take a look at all the link below:
Website: BetHash
Telegram: BetHash
Reddit: BetHashio
Twitter: BetHashTeam

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  1. how to play strategi for this site ?
    can you teach me a little strategi sir?

    1. Ah unfortunately this site is not like regular crypto gambling site i usually post on my youtube channel sir. Its a dapps, will post about explanation for it later. So bassically dice game at this site dont have any increse and decrease bet amount when win or lose. I ussualy play to gain dividend from it. Will upload another article tomorrow about how to earn money at BetHash. you better following my blog sir. Thanks!

  2. Wowww spectacular and amazing tips!!!!

  3. i dont like gambling. but after read this article. i dont know why i want to try it sometime

    1. You know mate, dont focus on the gambling side of this platform. You can earn money just by sharing your refferal link. Anyway when you want to try to gamble, remember dont gamble more than you can afford to lose.


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