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Hi guys and gals, welcome back to my blog! Another day another gambling site we review.  So today I would like to write something about So Smart Games is a gambling platform on Tron network that offers the user that playing there to get a dividend from it, when playing the TRX cryptocurrency on the Smart-Games platform, you automatically get (mine) NSG Token, regardless of whether you win or lose. Not like any other Dapps that require token to be frozen to 24 hours or even more, at smart games you earn your dividends every 12 hours and you can withdraw it anytime.
I'm not gonna explain to many technical details about that, cause I'm pretty sure you all are aware of how dividend work.

Currently, this time at this article written they only got 1 game, which is Lucky Roll. But they got another 7 games that still under construction but will be ready soon cause you can see the progress bar on the site.

And just like any other dapps, you don't have to register or do a KYC to play at this site, you just need a Tron wallet extension installed at your browser and you ready to go, 100% safe and anonymous.

The website UI is easy to use, even if you are first time gambler and know nothing about dividends you will still get it done, cause they have full detail and explanation about how to play and how to earn a dividend on their site. If you want to read their whitepaper you can click here to read the details of this platform.

The Lucky Rolls game layout is beautiful, they have three different choices of style you can choose between as this image below shows.

Lucky rolls

And the minimum bet amount is really small, just 10 TRX. Not like many Dapps around that need around 50 - 100 TRX just for one single bet. For every 554 TRX you bet you'll get 1 NSG token. But keep in mind that the price for mining NSG will increase 1 TRX/12 hours. So start playing at Smart Games now and earn your dividends right now.

And they also partnered with big guys here the details of them


Well, that's it from me today's guy thanks for reading all the way down here, Ill leave all the detail about Smart Games below so if you want to read more just click to that link. Or just comment here at my article and I will be happy to answer all your questions. 

Whitepaper: Smart-Games
Twitter: SmartGames_io

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