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Hello, everyone! Welcome to AsaCrypto.info, today I wrote an article about an exciting project. The project was called CBIT LOVE.

About Cupid-Bit (CBIT)
What do you think when you hear this word?

Have you ever thought when "Love" in the form of digital expression?
Now Cupit-Bit presents it all.
CBIT creates an ecosystem where all digital interests are summarized with the parameter "love" in digital form, assisted in an App that is presented by CBIT, the Cupid DApp
they make all digital interests in love with the concept of Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20)

Cupid-Bit (CBIT) is a project from China and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is an open-source, public, disbursed computing platform based on blockchain that provides a decentralized Turing-entire virtual device to help smart contracts operation.

Ethereum is currently the most mature platform to support smart contracts. The community is active, and the foundation is working well. Therefore, building CBIT based on Ethereum enables us to focus on business development and ecological promotion and avoid excessive energy input into underlying growth.

Cupid (CBIT) has given real meaning to the already existing consensus "love." cupid is the god of love. This love consensus used to be a metaphor for the mutual expression of affection between women and men. It's miles impossible to shoot at each different love arrows (gift) clearly, and the advent of cupid (CBIT) digital rights is the consensus of love. Under the scene, it is convenient for men and women to express and pass on appreciation. As a result, it is no longer needs to be carried using different things (flowers, gifts). Love itself is cupid, and the love expression is a process of love energy transmission, letting people acquire spiritual satisfaction. This love energy is a kind of value to hold love thru with cupid (CBIT) digital rights. Cupid (CBIT) is a love expression. The expression is mining. The love flow is accompanied by the circulation of energy value, digital rights, and interests, reaching consensus on different people into one to jointly build a love economy in the digital age.

CBIT Decentralized Application
Share your love without any limitations on space and time. With the CBIT app, you can send your love anytime. Every love you receive will be recorded on the CBIT blockchain and will be stored forever, so you can see past footprint with your partner to reminisce.


Unique CBIT Accessories
Intelligent hardware long-distance love transfer across regions
Cupid itself is the god of love. As long as you have CBIT, you will have the proper to specific your love. Users can send cupid (CBIT) at once in your lovely. You can send love expression to your love as a surprise. Let love be expressed at any time.

Introduction Of Cupid Heart
Cupid heart USES the most advanced technology, nb-IoT technology, wireless transmission, so that love intimate digital age of the latest expression of love, more sense of technique, and futuristic love expression.
Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Swarovski crystal symbolizes love eternity and beauty. When you pinch it, your sweetheart’s necklace will vibrate. On DAPP, it automatically says, “I miss you.” When you pinch it twice, the accessory will shake and shine. On CBIT Application (DAPP), it automatically says, “I love you” to expressed love interaction at any time. The expressing love process can be dug, and cupid (CBIT) is given to a couple for reward/surprise.

Useful Link
Website : www.cbit.love

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