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Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. In today's article, we will talk about BitherCash. This article gonna be a bit long, but don't worry the article will be filled with top-notch information that can guarantee you to fully understand what is BitherCash and all its components. sit tight and enjoy reading!
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Bithercash is a project of the Bither Group in its vision of providing the world with a revolutionized financial ecosystem that combines the best of both worlds modern age decentralized blockchain technology with cryptographically secured asset and traditional versatile business such as real estate, eCommerce, dairy, entertainment, exchange, and payments.

BitherCash Group

MyBShop - eCommerce Platform where you can buy items such as accessories, clothing, electronics, etc. you can use bitcoin or BitherCash as the payment method, you can visit it here MybShop
BitherX Exchange - Cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy, sell or trade BIC coins with BTC. an innovative platform that provides multi-sided solutions supported by digital asset exchange services, such technology makes BitherX leapfrog & surpass its peers in the market. see for your self here BitherX 
BitherDairy - Modern dairy farms managed by IoT devices on the blockchain. The first cattle farm using blockchain technology, which aims to bring thousands of Dutch cattle to dairy farms currently in Pakistan and then other neighboring countries. See full details here BitherDairy.
BitherHomes - A Real estate brokerage platform where you can buy properties with BIC coins. The real-life project in Karela, India as a backup of the Bithercash Ecosystem is very good, an example of community trust. You looking for a property? see here BitherHomes
Trace & Decor - Design and decorate your home and office using your BIC coins from world-class interior decorators. No hassle just visit it and see for your self T&D
FiFame - A collaboration of Bither Group and India based Film & Media House. Produced 2 Indian Films under the banner and launched Miss India UAE 2019.
BICCA - An Educational System to educate BitherCash Community. Cambridge School of English is affiliated with them.
BitherVoice - Social responsibility program initiated in Pakistan, India, and Nepal that fund education and availability of clean drinking water in remote areas.


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Token & IEO Information

Token Type: ERC20                   Total Token Supply: 55 Million
Ticker: BICAS                             Soft Cap: 2.500.000 USD
Circulation: 5 Million                 Hard Cap: 10.000.000 USD

Private round sale date: December, 1st 2019 - January, 31th 2020
Token available for private sale: 2.750.000 BICAS Tokens
Token price during the private sale: $0.46/BICAS
Minimum purchase in private sale: No restriction
Go to BitherX to buy now!

IEO 1st round date: February, 14th 2020 - February, 24th 2020
IEO 2nd round date: March, 1st 2020 - March, 10th 2020
Token available for IEO: 13.750.000 BICAS Token (25% of total supply)
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH
Token price during IEO: $0.75/BICAS
Minimum purchase in IEO: $10
Maximum investment limit: Unlimited


In my own opinion, this project is really promising, because they have their own ecosystem. BICAS that can be used for trading, sell and buy goods on the market, diamond, and gold, cars, even property. So it's safe to say you only need BICAS for your every need. If you interested in this project please take a look at it, I will put all the links needed below this paragraph.

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