Tachyon Protocol - the Solution for Safer and Faster Internet Protocol in the Future

The internet changes our life completely. We experience many new things because of the internet. Our life also becomes much easier because of the internet. We can easily find anything we need. Information, entertainment, and even buying the product, all of them can be easily done via the internet. However, the excessive usage of the internet also created some problems, online crime. The identity theft, virus attack, and many more are few among many problems you can find and get. And, this problem is difficult to remove. Every time we always face new problems that can harm our important data.

The Root of Problem
Why did those problems keep occurring even though there are many methods used to protect your data? Mostly, those methods don’t deal with the roof of the problem. They only touch the surface. So, what is the real problem here? The answer is the internet protocol and the centralized system. 
The current internet protocol is still using the TCP/IP system. This system is very vulnerable to attack and can be penetrated easily. Moreover, this system is also not stable and inefficient. It makes the cost to operate the internet system through TCP/IP is much expensive and time-wasting. 
The TCP/IP system also uses a centralized system. Many connections and computers are connected through one network. This is also dangerous. Once the attacker can break into this network, they have the freedom to do anything they want. What is the solution?

Tachyon Protocol Project
Tachyon Protocol project offers one of the best solutions for those internet network problems. First of all, this system is built using the decentralized platform and Blockchain technology. So, by looking at this, the first part of this system, we can easily say that it solves one of the roots of the problems, the centralized system. So, you don’t need to worry anymore about the attacks that can easily control the network.
This project doesn’t only use the decentralization system. But, it also combines that system with the encryption techniques that allow it to create a network that is not only stable but also strong against attack. Moreover, this system is designed to change and reconstruct the current TCP/IP system into a much better system that meets the future demands of a stable, stronger and fast internet network.

Tachyon Protocol Technology
Tachyon Protocol uses three main tools to provide a better internet network than you can find today. They are TBU (Tachyon Booster UDP), TSP (Tachyon Security Protocol), and TAA (Tachyon Anti-Analysis). Here is what these tools can do for you:
  • TBU (Tachyon Booster UDP)  
Tachyon Protocol combines DHT, UDP and Blockchain technology to rebuild the TCP/IP protocol. Moreover, this system also adds real-time optimize routing to provide a faster network. By using this method, TBU boosts the transmission speed to 200% to 1000% faster than the centralized network. This system also increases the connection success rate to 90% in a more complicated network system. TBU uses the X-VPN experimental data as the base to create this environment. However, the Tachyon Protocol team will conduct an independent test to get more accurate data to improve the speed of their network, soon.
  • TSP (Tachyon Security Protocol)
The security protocol this project used is different than what you can find in the current internet network. Tachyon Protocol combines several layers of protection to ensure the user data will be well-protected. The first layer is the encryption system. It creates a wall that can deflect many attacks from outside. The other layers are traffic concealing schemes. Many attacks use the connections and relay nodes to slip into behind the wall. However, by concealing this part, the attack is no longer able to use this method. By blocking two ways that are commonly used for launching attacks, the safety in Tachyon Protocol is top-class.
  • TAA (Tachyon Anti-Analysis)
It seems that Tachyon Protocol gives more attention to its security and user data safety. As you can see, they also add the TAA system in its protocol. This system consists of two security strategies, which is Concurrent Multi-Path Routing and Multi-Relaying. These two are used to protect the network from traffic monitoring activity from the party that doesn’t get permission to do that. 
The current internet protocol safety system has a problem to monitor the communication inside the network. The problem becomes much harder when there are many nodes activate at the same time. This is also a problem that can occur in the Tachyon Protocol network. However, with the system used by Tachyon, it can be solved much easier than the current protocol.

Tachyon Protocol Token
Tachyon Protocol, similar to other Blockchain-based projects, also uses a token to operate its function and features. As for the Tachyon Protocol project, it uses IPX token. The ICO released 1,000,000,000 (one billion) token as the initial numbers that you can get. The token will be hosted in V SYSTEMS Blockchain, so you can use it much easier inside the Tachyon environment.
There are many things you can get and use the IPX on, inside the Tachyon Protocol system. For example, you can use it as a medium of exchange with other users. It means you can use it as the payment for the settlement between users or users and nodes.
The IPX token also contributes to the safety of the Tachyon Protocol. The token will become something like an identity for the users. Therefore, if you don’t have that, you won’t be able to access the network, which eliminates the threats from external factors.

The Tachyon Protocol project is indeed one of the best and innovative projects you can find today. The solution it’s offered and the new system that can change and upgrade the current system can become one of important thing in the future. We all know that there is a high possibility that we are going all online in the future, which make the internet much and much important than today. Who knows, Tachyon Protocol might become the trigger that can move that change. So, are you ready to join the project? 😁

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