CoinEx is Planning to List ENG on March 24, 2020 (UTC)


Dear CoinEx users,

To provide you with more options in crypto trading, after rigorous reviews, CoinEx is planning to list ENG on March 24, 2020 (UTC). The details are as follows.
About ENG
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Enigma is a privacy-guaranteed distributed computing platform. With secure multi-party computing technology, different parties can run calculation programs on distributed stored data and get correct results without accessing the original data. Enigma separates data access and calculation, making sharing data no longer an irreversible process, enabling autonomous control of personal data, and establishing a foundation for data monetization.
Enigma was created to solve the privacy crisis. The most difficult problems demand innovative solutions. Today, many of the world’s biggest challenges arise from over-centralization. We believe that decentralized systems like Enigma can help us solve them.
When too-big-to-fail banks nearly destroyed the global economy in 2008, a decentralized digital currency – Bitcoin – was born in response. Now, an over-centralized internet and large tech monopolies have put our privacy, our security, and our society at risk. Enigma’s solutions are part of the foundation for a decentralized, more secure, more sustainable internet – and a better world.

Enigma (ENG) Announcement

Today, Enigma is pleased to announce that CoinEx is going to list ENG on March 24, 2020 (UTC). The details are as follows.
  1. Deposit: 3:00 March 24 (UTC)
  2. Trading: 3:00 March 25 (UTC)
  3. Withdrawal: 3:00 March 25 (UTC)
  4. Trading pairs: ENG/BTC, ENG/USDT
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